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Our products are all built and constructed from the finest materials available.

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A Family Owned & Proudly Serving 35+ Years of Premier Hurricane Windows & Doors in South Florida

A-Christian Glass wants to help you protect your home and your family the way we do for 35+ years from both intruders and the harsh South Florida weather. We offer a full range of Impact Windows and Impact Doors in South Florida.

Our products are all built and constructed from the finest materials available to endure gusts and winds of 200 miles per hour or more without disregarding sophistication, giving your home aesthetically pleasing protection solutions possible.

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With 35+ years of experience, our installations are done professionally with sophistication and professionalism.

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High-Quality Hurricane Windows & Doors with years of Professional Installation Experience

As experts in Hurricane Windows and Hurricane  Doors, we stand by all the products we sell and all the services we provide. We only choose the high-quality materials, most of which are produced in Florida. We follow the strictest building codes found in the state, and because of this, we offer unparalleled guarantees and customer service.

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Hurricane Impact Windows

View the different types of Hurricane Impact Windows we offer and install.

Hurricane Impact Doors

Hurricane Impact Entry Doors that will protect you from storms and intruders.

Frameless Shower Doors

We specialize in custom made frameless shower doors that suit your needs.

Glass Railings, Stairs, and Mirrors

We provide different high quality railing systems inside and outside of your home.

Fortify Your Home with Impact Doors. Act Now.

With our variety of products and services, no installation is too big or too small.

We supply hurricane impact windows and hurricane impact doors to both private and commercial properties.

We’d love to provide a customized quotation for any job, just let us know and we’ll be right with you.


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35+ Years of Premier Impact Windows and Impact Doors in South Florida

Along with peace of mind, there are several benefits to upgrading your home with hurricane impact windows and hurricane impact doors. These Benefits include:

Increased Energy Efficiency

Our windows and doors will keep the cool air in your home and the hot air outside, reducing your cooling costs during the blistering Florida summers.

Reduced Homeowners Insurance Costs

You could potentially save up to 45% on your monthly premiums for making all of the changes to keep your home safe during a windstorm.

Intruder Protection

Another added benefit to installing impact windows and doors is that they are much better at keeping out intruders. If a hurricane can’t break-in, then a would-be intruder certainly can’t either.

Increased Home Value

Hurricane doors and windows are a great selling feature for properties in South Florida. Making these upgrades to your home will increase the value of your property.

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