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Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors in Palm Beach Island 

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The Best Impact Resistant Windows and Doors in Palm Beach Island, FL 

We Fortify Palm Beach Island Homes with Beautiful, Extra-Sturdy, Impact Resistant Hurricane Windows & Doors 

Extreme weather is nothing new to residents of Palm Beach Island, Florida. Storms, high winds, and even hurricanes are not uncommon in the region. But bad weather is no reason to leave this town, which is known for its sunny, sandy beaches, breathtaking views, and almost artistic estates.

Instead, you can prepare your home, and thus yourself, for the next tropical storm warning. A-Christian Glass is Palm Beach Island’s leading impact-resistant window installer. Call us today to select your design and arrange for installation.

Who is A-Christian Glass? 

A-Christian Glass is a manufacturer of impact-resistant products based in and serving South Florida. We provide solutions to problems that we have encountered as a locally-owned business. We understand how devastating it is to have your home destroyed by a hurricane or tropical storm, including the stress of rebuilding everything. As a result, we’ve created products that provide maximum weather protection.

So, how reliable are our installations? Our products are made of the highest quality materials and can withstand winds of up to 200 miles per hour or higher. All while maintaining the style and class that large windows bring to a home.

What makes our service unique? We are not your typical window cleaning service. We have been in business longer than the majority of the hurricane-impact window installers in town. More specifically, we have over 35 years of experience in the industry, much of which has been spent testing and refining our offerings. We also stand behind everything we sell and install.

Not only can you contact us for hurricane windows and doors, but also for mirrors, glass railings, stairs, and shower doors.

Get a Custom Style Window and the Best Installers in Palm Beach Island, FL

The best defense you can add to your home is impact-resistant windows. They can protect you from extreme weather conditions, such as wind-borne debris, which is common during hurricanes and large storms. However, in addition to this primary function, hurricane impact windows can provide additional benefits such as forced entry protection, noise reduction, UV protection, and improved curb appeal.

Our windows now resemble regular glass in appearance. They are made of strong double-bonded or interlayer glass, also known as laminated glass, rather than a single thin layer of glass. This makes it extremely difficult for an outside force to break it.

Even if it does break, the broken pieces are contained within the frame. As a result, there are no gaps for debris or, worse, an intruder to enter your property.

We now offer a wide range of hurricane-impact window styles and designs to complement your Palm Beach Island home. Say goodbye to storm shutters by selecting one of the following options:

  • Single hung windows
  • Double hung windows
  • Casement windows 
  • Horizontally rolling windows 
  • Fixed glass windows 

Protect Your Home with One of Our Impact Resistant Glass in Palm Beach, FL

Installing our doors, like our impact-resistant windows, will provide you with maximum hurricane protection. As you are aware, hurricanes can cause significant damage to a piece of property. However, if your home is fortified with impact-resistant doors, it will most likely withstand the extreme weather that South Florida is known for.

Not to mention that it will deter intruders, who frequently target doors and windows as entry points. You can be confident that your home is safe from natural or human intrusion, whether you are present or not.

What else can our impact-resistant doors give you? Better home insurance rates, energy efficiency, protection from harmful UV rays, and higher home value. 

Choose from our wide variety of energy-efficient options, which include: 

  • Entry doors
  • Folding doors
  • Patio doors
  • Sliding doors 
  • French doors 
  • Pivot doors
sliding glass door

Why Choose Us? 

There are several reasons why most Palm Beach Island residents choose A-Christian Glass for their window, door, or glass installation.

Some of these reasons include the following: 

Protection + Style 

While our primary goal is to provide you with strong protection against whatever the weather or burglars throw at you, we do not achieve this by providing boring or unpleasant windows and doors. In fact, we have created a wide range of modern and sophisticated designs to suit any theme. So, add a touch of style while keeping your family and home safe. 

High-Quality Material & Service 

Our impact windows and doors are made using a unique bonding method and only the best materials on the market. Furthermore, we have the most qualified professionals in the industry ready to install your system. As a result, you have the best experience from beginning to end.

Any Project Size or Specifications 

How many hurricane windows and doors are you going to need? Need installations completed quickly? No need to worry because we are more than ready and capable of adapting to whatever your needs are. So, contact us right away!

Do You Need Impact Glass Installed on Your Windows and Doors? We Give You the Best Value for Your Investment 

Our homes are our most expensive and valuable investment. So it only makes sense to want to protect it from any disaster that could harm it. This is where our hurricane windows and doors can help. They protect your home from inclement weather and burglars while maintaining its curb appeal.

So, get in touch with A-Christian Glass impact windows and doors specialists to find the perfect design for you. We serve all coastal regions in Florida, including Palm Beach Island. Contact us at (561) 278-3385 today for a free estimate

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