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An exterior view of a house with hurricane windows in the Gulf Stream with palm trees in Florida.

Gulf Stream, Florida, is a small yet prestigious community occupying the East Coast barrier island. It is bejeweled with beautiful golf courses and has unrivaled access to the Atlantic coast. The town is named for the oceanic Gulf Stream, a warm and strong current of water that flows from the Gulf of Mexico across the tip of Florida and up along the East Coast. The titular Gulf Stream then reaches its warm tendrils out into the Atlantic toward Europe in an impressive global oceanic trend.

The town of Gulf Stream enjoys these warm currents as part of its beautiful seaside lifestyle. However, that very same phenomenon can also fuel hurricanes as they cross from east to west across the Atlantic Ocean. Estate homes in Gulf Stream, FL, are beautiful and remarkably high value, averaging around $1.2M in sale prices, making protecting each barrier island home a high priority for resident families. This is why hurricane impact-resistant windows are essential upgrades for homes in Gulf Stream. Call (561) 278-3385 to schedule a free estimate.

The Risks of an Uninterrupted Ocean View

The most wonderful thing about living on an elite stretch of Florida’s barrier island is the uninterrupted view of the open ocean. Unfortunately, this is also the source of Gulf Stream’s greatest risk: Exposure to hurricanes. Barrier islands protect the rest of the land mass from ocean storms. Living there, while prestigious and undeniably beautiful, also means protecting your home from the brunt of each storm.

Residents of Gulf Stream understand this risk and the special responsibility they hold to build their homes beautifully and strong enough to remain beautiful facing hurricane after hurricane during each of Florida’s legendary storm seasons.

Hurricane Glass: Beauty and Protection

Fortunately, Gulf Stream homeowners don’t have to sacrifice beauty for strength. No longer is it necessary to build your home like a castle to withstand hurricane-force winds, driving rain, or flying debris. Hurricane glass used for windows and doors is designed to provide superior protection from storm forces while providing the full range of window styles and sizes favored by Florida home design.

The glass for hurricane windows is denser and stronger than typical glass and layered with sheets of invisible laminate that both add strength and prevent the glass from shattering should any impact be strong enough to cause cracks.

Each window is fitted and sealed securely into the frame to ensure absolute insulation and moisture protection, then installed just as securely into the window aperture. These elements protect a home from damage during hurricane storms by ensuring that not a single window or door will break or leak in the onslaught.

Additional Benefits of Hurricane Windows in the Gulf Stream

In addition to storm protection, hurricane windows in the Gulf Stream come with other benefits as well.

  • Energy Efficiency and Enhanced Comfort
    • The thick and laminated glass design is an excellent insulator. This allows your windows to more efficiently keep your air conditioning indoors for greater comfort and efficient use of electricity for cooling.
  • Home Security
    • Because hurricane windows are difficult to crack or shatter, they also improve the overall security of your home against accidents or intruders.
  • Exterior Style
    • When upgrading your windows to hurricane glass, you also have the opportunity to choose a stylish upgrade in pane and frame design.

Upgrading your Home with Hurricane Windows in the Gulf Stream

Whether your windows have started showing signs of damage, you have recently had a window broken in a storm, or you simply want to secure your beautiful Gulf Stream home more completely for the next storm season, it’s always a good time to upgrade to hurricane windows.

Here, at Christian-A Glass, we provide the highest quality hurricane windows in the Gulf Stream and doors for Gulf Stream homes and businesses. Our style selection is impeccable, and each installation service is performed with expert speed and precision.

Contact us with questions or to book a private consultation to determine the best windows to upgrade your home’s style and storm protection at the same time.

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