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When to Upgrade a Miramar, FL Home with Impact Windows and Doors

Impact Windows
A wide shot of Miramar City Hall shows its impact windows and doors, built to withstand hurricane winds.

Hurricane Protection with Impact Windows and Doors in Miramar, Florida

Miramar is one of the most welcoming communities in Florida. Known for its beautiful homes and fantastic Town Center, Miramar is rich with art, culture, and green spaces. Locals share a vast community garden, growing things together and sharing the bounty. There are 35 local parks, but the crowning jewel is the Miramar Arts Park, renowned for its many gorgeous attractions, including an 800-seat theater and botanical garden right next to Town Hall and the Civic Plaza.

Residents may visit Miramar first for its glorious public spaces and authentic culinary scene, but they stay for the beautiful tree-lined neighborhoods and spacious family homes. The average Miramar home value is near $500,000, and many Miramar homeowners regularly re-invest with home renovations such as impact windows and doors.

Home in Miramar with Impact Resistant Windows

Miramar, FL, and the Hurricane Season

From mid-summer to late autumn, Florida’s East Coast is regularly hit with large-scale hurricanes and tropical storms. While not directly on the coast, Miramar is still considered one of the highest-risk locations for hurricane damage. With such beautiful homes and an enriching community, every home upgrade that improves your home’s resistance to hurricanes is a valuable investment.

Hurricane resistant windows and doors provide the durability your home needs to withstand high winds that might shatter inferior glass.

Impact Windows and Doors vs Hurricane Winds

Storm windows and doors are made with impact glass, which is rated to withstand up to Category 5 hurricanes and 200 mph winds. Impact glass has also been strengthened to hold up against flying debris, which frequently shatters lesser windows with broken tree branches, airborne patio furniture, and even roof shingles torn from nearby homes.

Impact glass is made by layering densely cast glass sheets with invisible yet highly durable sheets of laminate plastic. The laminate prevents shattering and strengthens the glass so that most impacts bounce right off. Storm windows and doors made with impact glass are equally durable in the face of Florida’s hurricane winds and driving rains.

Other Advantages of Impact Windows and Doors for Miramar, FL, Homes

Most Florida homeowners choose impact windows and doors for storm protection. However, impact glass offers other advantages to your home all year, not just when the hurricanes blow through.

Energy Efficiency

The special way that impact glass is made also makes it a better insulator. This increases the overall energy efficiency of your home by better containing your AC in the summer and keeping out the heat. While Florida has mild winters, you will be just as cozy and energy-efficient during cool weather when your heater is switched on.

Home Security

Because impact glass can keep out flying tree limbs, it can also keep out intruders. Anyone hoping to smash the glass and enter your home will be sorely disappointed—quite literally. Impact glass is just as impact resistant whether the impact is a force of nature or intentional so you will also be keeping your family safe from all external dangers.

Beautiful Impact Windows and Doors for Miramar Home Designs

Miramar homes are notoriously elegant and represent many architectural styles. Fortunately, you can find impact windows and doors in every style and size you can imagine. This means Miramar homeowners can upgrade their home safety and storm resistance and improve the appearance of their homes with each window and door upgrade. You can find beautifully designed impact windows and doors for any home improvement vision.

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