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Hurricane Impact Resistant Windows and Doors in Palm Beach, FL

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Reliable Impact Resistant Glass in Palm Beach, FL

We Install Impact Resistant Windows and Doors Built to Withstand the Worst Weather in Palm Beach 

Have you considered replacing your windows or doors? Are you concerned whenever a hurricane warning is issued in Palm Beach?

We’re here to put your mind at ease. A-Christian Glass specializes in impact-resistant windows and doors for Palm Beach, Florida, homes. Our installations use impact-resistant glass that can withstand heavy rain, wind, and even heat, making your home a safe and comfortable haven when the weather isn’t cooperating.

What’s the best part? We make no concessions when it comes to style and beauty. As a result, your home will also look spectacular.

Who is A-Christian Glass? 

Welcome to A-Christian Glass, a professional window and door manufacturer, and installer based in Palm Beach, Florida. We are a family-owned and operated business with over three decades of experience serving South Florida clients.

We understand the local weather because we are a Florida-based company serving Florida clients. That is why we create impact windows and doors for people who live in high-velocity hurricane zones. Before we offered our products to you, we put them through several tests to ensure they delivered what we promised and, most importantly, complied with Palm Beach County and Florida regulations. When you combine this with our professional installation, you have superior protection from the storms and cyclones that frequently strike Florida’s coast.

We now stand behind our products and services. That means you’ll have hurricane windows, doors, or both that are built to last. Still not convinced? You can look at our portfolio as well as the dozens of client reviews.

But if you’re ready to take the next step, contact us. We’ll walk you through the entire process, from project estimation and design selection to building and installing your impact windows and doors.

Our Window Installation Service & Features Palm Beach 

Hurricane windows are an important investment for your home. Instead of putting up shutters every time there’s a storm, you can rest assured that your home is safe all year round. Our windows have been tested to withstand hurricane-force winds of up to 150 mph.

The best part is all of the sunlight and light that fills your home.

Aside from the obvious advantages, installing our impact windows can help with energy efficiency by keeping the extreme heat out in the summer and the cold out in the winter. If outside noise from a nearby road, for example, has been causing you sleepless nights, our impact windows can help with noise reduction or even completely eliminate the noise.

Not to mention, our hurricane windows will definitely improve your curb appeal!

At A-Christian Glass, you can select from a variety of window types. Among our services are:

  • Single or double-hung windows
  • Casements- for your bathrooms and kitchens
  • Horizontal roller windows with two or three sashes are installed side by side
  • Fixed/ picture glass windows to add that extra style and class to your living room

And much more! 

Our Door Installation Service & Features Palm Beach 

The most important reason to install impact glass doors in your home is to protect them. Our impact-resistant doors, you see, are designed to provide exceptional hurricane and wind-borne debris protection. They are intended to keep out any unwanted intruders, such as rocks, flying debris, and even water carried by high winds during a storm. Every time there is a cyclone, your house remains intact, saving you money on repairs.

Because laminated glass is much more difficult to break, it can also help to burglar-proof your home.

Not to mention that installing impact-resistant windows and doors saves money and energy. Because air from your HVAC system does not escape outside, you can save money by not running it continuously. This means a lower bill at the end of the month. You can also negotiate a lower rate with your home insurance provider, which will lower your monthly bills.

Impact doors can save you money in the long run by allowing you to sell your home for a higher price.

So, to enjoy these and other benefits, choose the type of door you want from our selection, which includes:

  • Entry Doors
  • Folding Doors
  • Patio Doors
  • French Doors
  • Storefront Doors
  • Sliding Doors
  • Pivot Doors
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Why Choose Us?

Looking for the best Palm Beach impact window and door installer? Here are a few reasons why you will enjoy working with A-Christian Glass:

Thousands of Projects Completed

The best window and door installation company should also have experience. A-Christian Glass is one of the most established businesses in Palm Beach and the surrounding coastal areas of South Florida. We have completed over 50,000 projects during this time.

9/10 Customer Satisfaction 

We work hard to meet our customers’ specific needs, no matter how unusual they are. You choose the design, size, and details of your project, and we work to make them a reality. All while preserving your home’s structural integrity. As a result, our customer satisfaction rating is 9.2/10.

Large, Experienced Professional Team 

Despite the fact that we are a family-owned and operated business, we have assembled a large team of installation professionals to serve our expanding clientele. As a result, we can scale up to meet your project’s size or deadline by increasing the number of workers assigned to you. You will also not have to wait in line to receive our services.

Durable, with Quality Guarantee 

Get the best impact-resistant products only. We build everything from the finest materials and back up all installations with a guarantee. 

Ready to Fortify Your Palm Beach Home Against Bad Weather? Get Our Impact Resistant Windows & Doors 

An impact window or door can provide significant benefits to your home. There is so much to love about our products, from providing the best defense against hurricane winds common in Florida’s coast regions to offering protection against harmful UV rays.

A-Christian Glass is a reputable installer of impact windows and doors in Palm Beach. We have the knowledge, experience, and track record to provide you with high-quality work.

So, call us today at (561) 278-3385 for a free estimate!

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