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Why Install Impact Windows and Doors in Hollywood, Florida

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Hollywood, Florida, has been booming since its founding in the 1920s. It is a region known for its resilience, as the first big boom occurred after the original town was badly damaged by a hurricane in 1926. Since that time, Hollywood, FL, has grown into an incredible hub of art, culture, culinary fame, and entertainment. The installation of impact windows and doors in Hollywood has played a crucial role in fortifying buildings against the destructive forces of hurricanes, ensuring the safety of residents, and preserving the city’s vibrant atmosphere even in the face of adverse weather conditions.

Hollywood has something for everyone, from nature walks to art and culture tours to the lively casino scene. With 7 miles of beautiful beaches and a rich tapestry of green spaces, it’s no surprise that the median price for homes is $460,000. 

Of course, when you have so much invested in a home located in the perfect beachside neighborhood, protection is always a worthwhile pursuit. This is why many Hollywood, FL, homeowners have invested in impact windows when it comes time to upgrade their homes.

What Are Impact Windows and Doors?

Manufacturers craft impact windows with a specific type of glass pane. Layered with invisible laminate polymer sheets, densely cast glass achieves extreme resilience to both hurricane-force winds and direct impacts.

Storm debris and even intentional hits tend to bounce off of impact glass without doing any damage. Even if cracks appear in the glass, the laminate sheets prevent shattering, ensuring greater safety and maintaining the integrity of the house.

Designers craft impact doors using robust exterior materials such as impact glass, steel, and fiberglass. Solid doors contain heavy insulating cores, while impact glass doors consist primarily of impact glass. These provide sound resistance and increase the security of your home against both storm damage and intruders.

The design of impact windows and doors also limits temperature changes, which makes these windows and doors more energy efficient.

Signs Your Hollywood, FL, Home Needs New Windows and Doors

How do you know when to replace the windows of a beautiful Hollywood, FL, home? Even the best-built homes need maintenance and upkeep. If your windows show signs that they are loose, damaged, or no longer properly insulated, a window replacement is in order, and impact windows are the best choice in any architectural window style.

Rattling Window Panes

Window panes that rattle in the frames are not properly sealed, or the seals have worn away. The rattle is the sound of air passing through, which is bad for your temperature maintenance, energy efficiency, and peace of mind.

Too Hot Near the Windows or Doors

If you can feel the summer heat when you stand hear your windows or exterior doors, they are not well-insulated. This can mean the seal or window frame is damaged or you have an old window with glass that transfers heat too easily.

Light Around the Door

If you can see light around your door even with weather stripping, it has become too warped or the frame too damaged. A door you can see light around provides poor insulation and security at the same time.

Condensation Between the Glass

If your Hollywood, FL windows have double-paned glass, this provides much more insulation and energy efficiency. However, condensation or fog between the panes means the seal is broken and moisture has slipped in. This results in lost efficiency and a much higher risk of unreachable mold.

Cracked, Warped, or Rotted  Frames

Lastly, the hot and humid Florida weather can wear away at older window and door frames. Both wood and vinyl warp in the heat, and wood can rot if exposed to too much humidity or minor leaks around the frame.

Advantages of Impact Windows and Doors for Hollywood, FL, Homes

Impact windows and doors offer a few important advantages, particularly for the refined homes of Hollywood, Florida. 

Energy Efficiency

Impact windows and doors offer greater insulation than normal glass due to the extra insulation that comes from the strong design. They reduce the transfer of temperature, past the window and provide highly efficient insulation, increasing your home’s comfort and energy efficiency.

Home Security

Impact windows and doors do not break easily and stay intact even when they break. This makes it nearly impossible for intruders to break in through your windows and doors.

Sound Privacy

Impact doors, and to some extent, impact windows, have good sound insulation. This not only provides better temperature control in your house but also muffles sounds, giving you greater sound privacy in your home.

Storm Safety

Most importantly, impact windows and doors protect your Hollywood, FL, home from the impact of storm debris when each seasonal hurricane blows through.

Discover the Best Impact Windows and Doors for Your Home with A-Christian Glass

If you are looking for the best windows and doors for your Hollywood, Florida, home upgrade, A-Christian Glass has exactly what you need. We offer top-quality impact windows and doors in various styles and provide expert installation services to help you find the perfect fit for your home. Contact us today to learn more.

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