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What You Need to Know About Impact Windows and Doors for Wilton Manors, FL Homes

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Wilton Manors Aerial View

Wilton Manors, FL, is a delightful place to live. Defined by the surrounding bends of the Middle River, this cozy neighborhood city has a wealth of experiences for well-to-do locals. The homes are beautiful; ranging from glittering condos to cozy single-family abodes to spacious Florida-style manors. Many homeowners opt for impact windows and doors in Wilton Manors because they are concerned about safety and resilience against tropical storms. They seamlessly blend security with the area’s aesthetic charm.

Locals love the nightlife, the day life, and the above-average schools. While the average home value is in the $600K range, there’s something for everyone in this charming and welcoming community. The one thing everyone can agree on, of course, is keeping the community safe with hurricane readiness. As a result, impact windows and doors are rising in popularity, and it’s easy to see why.

The Benefits of Impact Windows and Doors for Wilton Manors, FL, Homes

Impact windows and doors are built of sturdy yet crystal-clear glass. They provide your Wilton Manors home with both peace of mind and exemplary safety. There are several advantages to installing impact windows and doors.

  • Energy Efficiency
    • Impact glass and insulated doors are highly efficient. The measures that make them impact-resistant also make them better insulators. This can lead to a more energy-efficient home that is far easier to keep cool in the summer.
  • Storm Safety
    • Wilton Manors residents are always planning for hurricane safety with each home improvement. They will not break, warp, or shatter when hit with high winds, driving rain, or flying storm debris.
  • Home Security
    • Impact windows and doors also provide added home security against intruders and local mischief, as they cannot be easily broken to gain access to your home.
  • Sound
    • Lastly, the greater the thickness of an impact window or door, the more efficiently it stops sound waves. This makes your home considerably quieter.

What Makes Impact Windows and Doors So Strong?

Impact windows and glass impact doors incorporate impact glass, which consists of dense layers of durable glass and clear laminate sheets, enhancing their strength and resistance to shattering. This glass is tough to crack, deflecting debris and blows, and stays whole even if cracked, protecting your home and preventing dangerous glass shards.

Impact doors that are not all glass also include steel or fiberglass insulated with a heavy foam core that makes the doors nearly impossible to dent, warp, or break into.

Most impact doors come with additional security features, as well, such as security plates to prevent prybars against your door frame.

Stylish Impact Window and Door Selection

You can find impact windows and doors to match any architectural style. This is great news for Wilton Manors homeowners looking to maintain or even enhance the attractiveness of their home exterior. You can find impact windows and doors in every shape, opening type, decorative grid, and frame size based on your particular tastes and the existing design of your home.

To explore your impact window and door options, consult with experts, or schedule your installation service, call (561) 278-3385 to schedule a free estimate.

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