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The Best Hurricane Windows in Atlantis, FL

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Windows and Doors in Atlantis Florida

Damage from devastating winds can be catastrophic in Atlantis, Florida. As a property owner, you must fortify your home before hurricanes, tornadoes, and other severe wind events. At A-Christian Glass, we help residential and commercial property owners in Atlantis, FL create plans that prepare their properties for storms.. 

Hurricane Windows in Atlantis: Explore Impressive High-Impact Options

Experience ultimate protection with our hurricane windows in Atlantis, featuring hurricane-impact windows and doors crafted from top-tier materials designed to withstand 200+ mph winds. Whether safeguarding your home or securing your commercial property like a retail center or condominium, we prioritize protection without compromising aesthetic appeal. We guarantee:

  • Unparalleled resilience and protection against harsh weather
  • A diverse range of designs to enhance the unique look of a building
  • Over 35 years of installation experience, ensuring the finest craftsmanship for your peace of mind
  • Products proudly made in the USA, prioritizing both strength and elegance

Why We Love Atlantis

With a dense suburban feel, Atlantis, a coveted community in Palm Beach County, Florida, spans less than 1.5 square miles. Situated between Boynton Beach and Lake Worth Beach, it’s southeast of Wellington and southwest of West Palm Beach, offering convenient access to South Florida via Florida’s Turnpike and Interstate 95. Originally a gated golf and country club in the 1950s, Atlantis evolved into a city. About 70% of its dwellers are full-time residents living in fully gated communities. In October 2023, Atlantis’s median home sale price hit $700K, approximately 125% higher than the national average. Homes typically sell within 56 days of listing.

Golf enthusiasts revel in the Atlantis Golf Club, housing three 9-hole courses, and the championship golf course at Atlantis Country Club, which offers 18 holes and a par 72 rating. A mere 20-minute drive leads to the stunning Palm Beaches with pristine white sandy shores and numerous water activities from boating, diving, and fishing, distinguishing the region as a premier South Florida destination for aquatic adventures. There’s a diverse range of retail experiences, and the city’s abundance of parks provides ample green spaces for relaxation, community gatherings, and recreational activities.

Things to Consider About Home Ownership in Atlantis

Over the next three decades, the extreme wind factor exposes all properties to potential severe wind events, tropical storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes. These powerful winds not only pose a direct threat to homes but also increase the risk of damage from debris, particularly in densely populated and commercially proximate areas.

Style Meets Security: High-Impact Hurricane Windows and Doors

Choosing hurricane windows in Atlantis doesn’t have to mean giving up style for the safety and protection of your property in Atlantis, Florida. Discover our diverse offerings and find the ideal products to suit your home’s needs.

Impact Windows

  • Aluminum casement for a sturdy design and aesthetics 
  • Vinyl finish that eliminates the need for painting
  • Designs for seamless exterior renovations
  • Heavy-duty materials and insulated glass

Elevate your home’s value with energy-efficient windows designed for every budget. We have vinyl replacement windows tailored for a perfect fit and redefining your home’s aesthetics. They feature:

  • Aluminum casement for a sturdy design and aesthetics 
  • Vinyl finish that eliminates the need for painting
  • Designs for seamless exterior renovations
  • Heavy-duty materials and insulated glass

Impact Doors

Our impact-hurricane windows in Atlantis are the perfect choice for your property, offering unmatched protection for these reasons:

  • They have a layer of impact-resistant glass encased inside heavy-duty aluminum or vinyl frames, reinforced by a laminating interlayer.
  • Their unique construction can withstand attempted break-ins, high-speed winds, and flying debris.
  • They feature waterproof and durable fiberglass resistant to warping, rotting, rust, and dents.
  • They come in decorative and standard options.
  • Door frames are resistant to water infiltration, rotting, mold, and mildew

Contact Us Today to Secure Your Property Against High Winds in Atlantis, FL

At A-Christian Glass, our hurricane windows in Atlantis are the key to enhancing your entrances with a blend of energy efficiency, elegance, and security. Trust us as your installation partner in your home improvement journey. Contact us today for a free estimate and to fortify your home against the elements.

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