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Hurricane Windows in Fort Lauderdale

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Hurricane Windows in Fortlauderdale

Despite the beautiful backdrop, Fort Lauderdale is prone to severe hurricanes that brew on both sides of the Florida peninsula; residents can benefit from the added security of installing impact-resistant hurricane windows which will protect their homes during inclement weather. This is why for over 35 years A-Christian Glass has been dedicated to providing Fort Lauderdale residents in neighborhoods such as Central Beach, Victoria Park, Las Olas Isles, or Rio Vista with the most resilient impact windows possible.

Preparing for Weather Tropical Storms

With a median home price of $500,000, it’s no surprise that Fort Lauderdale homeowners put careful thought and effort into preparing their homes for each year’s onslaught of tropical storms. Being right on the beach means storms typically hit Fort Lauderdale with full strength. You’ll naturally want to batten down the hatches and ensure that your home can resist even the strongest winds and hold against the risk of flying debris.

Most Fort Lauderdale families have a hurricane preparedness routine—a sequence of preparations so the house is safe before the storm hits. With impact-resistant storm windows, you can watch the hurricane from the cozy safety of your home with one less thing to worry about.

Hurricane Window Installations to Protect Your Home

Hurricane windows in Fort Lauderdale are made with a special glass that is nearly impossible to damage, even from flying debris in hurricane-force winds. When pre-sealed into high-quality window frames, storm windows give your home the advantage of having durable glass that won’t shatter.

A-Christian Glass is committed to offering the best hurricane impact-resistant windows and installation services to Fort Lauderdale residents. Our work is reliable, efficient, and we leave no untidiness behind. You will love the clarity and quality of your new windows while staying safe from storms.

Hurricane Glass Patio Doors

Of course, we don’t stop at windows, and neither should you. Fort Lauderdale’s most beautiful homes have large sliding glass patio doors. These provide a beautiful view of your backyard and can open up a breezy indoor-outdoor living space. But when storms blow through, you need your patio doors to be as secure as your windows. A-Christian Glass can install strong patio doors with secure tracks and hurricane glass to protect your Fort Lauderdale home from storms.

Added Benefits of Hurricane Windows

When you install hurricane windows in Fort Lauderdale homes, you gain more than just durability against tropical storm winds and debris. Hurricane windows offer many other benefits.

Temperature Control

Impact-resistant windows are made with well-insulated glass and pre-sealed frames to keep the storm safely outside your home. This design is also effective at keeping the heat outside and containing your air conditioning on the inside. Say goodbye to drafts around rattling windows or excessive temperature transfer through the glass. The layered design of impact-resistant glass resists temperature change much better than standard window panes.

Energy Efficiency

In addition to temperature control, storm windows and doors make your home more energy efficient. Because your home will more effectively contain the cooling from your air conditioning, it will use less electricity and you will enjoy a lower power bill.

Noise Reduction

Lastly, the layered nature of hurricane glass is also good at reducing noise transmission into your home. This means you will hear less noise from outside and you’ll no longer be aggravated by your neighbors playing loud music, a loud motorcycle driving by, or that relentless barking dog.

A-Christian Glass for Hurricane Windows in Fort Lauderdale

If your Fort Lauderdale home is ready for impact window installation, call A-Christian Glass at (561) 278-3385. We provide the highest quality impact-resistant window and door installation services.

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