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The Benefits of Impact Windows and Doors for Lauderhill, FL Homes

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A man is installing impact windows and doors in Lauderhill, Florida, for protection from hurricanes and improved energy efficiency.

Lauderhill is an active community that plays an important role in the Fort Lauderdale region. Lauderhill, a town full of sports, parks, and a melting pot of diverse cultures is an attractive option for families and professionals. This is especially true given the affordable housing prices, with the average home sale price hovering around $200K. Impact windows and doors in Lauderhill offer residents peace of mind against inclement weather while enhancing energy efficiency and security for homes.

Lauderhill is home to the Central Broward Regional Sports Park, which is not only a fantastic sporting stadium; but also the local go-to place for hosting community carnivals, music festivals, and yearly events. Of course, like every other community on Florida’s east coast, Lauderhill residents batten down the hatches for hurricane season.

If you are looking for the perfect way to protect your Lauderhill home from hurricanes and intruders, impact windows are an ideal upgrade.

Benefits of Impact Windows and Doors for Lauderhill, FL Homes

Why are impact windows such a good choice for Lauderhill homes and businesses? There are four distinct advantages to impact windows compared to traditional window glass for any structure in Lauderhill.

Repelling Fly Balls

Lauderhill boasts its sporting activity. Both children and adults enjoy an abundance of sporting events, practice, and casual play. Impact glass and doors bounce, not break or dent when struck by a fly ball, whether it’s in football, baseball, or basketball. While impact designs are not completely indestructible, your windows and doors are much less likely to take damage when there is sports activity nearby.

Protection from Hurricanes

Every Floridian homeowner must be concerned about hurricane safety. Impact windows and doors can withstand driving rain, hurricane winds, and flying debris. You can improve the long-term durability of your home against hurricane damage with an impact window and door upgrade.

Increase Home Security

Homeowners looking to increase home security can rely on impact windows and doors. The hard-to-break nature of the security measures will deter intruders attempting to smash their way in. Impact windows and doors can withstand heavy hits from storm-driven tree branches, so most intruders don’t stand a chance.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Impact windows and doors experience less temperature change because of their construction method. This means they are naturally more energy efficient and will improve the insulation of your home for lower energy bills and greater indoor comfort.

What Are Impact Windows?

What are impact windows, and what makes them so strong? Manufacturers construct impact windows by layering dense glass with invisible laminate sheets. The laminate provides a sturdy film that makes the glass stronger and more resistant to breaking and prevents the glass from shattering even if cracks form. 

This provides three distinct advantages. The film strengthens the glass, so it is much harder to break. If the glass does crack, the film holds the pieces together, providing increased security through integrity. It also prevents dangerous glass shards from falling into your home in the event of cracked glass that would otherwise shatter.

What Are Impact Doors?

Manufacturers construct impact doors robustly to withstand hard impacts or storm conditions without denting or warping. Manufacturers craft impact doors primarily from glass using impact glass, similar to impact windows. Solid impact doors are typically made from steel or fiberglass on the outside with a durable insulating core that provides extra density and strength.

Impact doors often come with extra security features such as multi-point locking bolts and security plates. These additions make it extremely difficult for unwanted visitors to kick or pry open your door.

Expert Impact Windows and Doors Installation in Lauderhill, FL

Installing new impact windows and doors in your home ensures swift completion with skilled precision. Our team will fit, insulate, and securely seal the new windows and doors into place. Each window and door replacement typically takes less than an hour, so your home is complete and secure before the end of each day.

Christian-A Glass experts in Lauderhill, FL, can assist you in selecting the ideal impact window and door designs for your home. Our fast and high-quality installation services are tailored to your needs and schedule. If you are considering an upgrade for your home, contact us today to explore your options in Lauderhill, FL, and surrounding neighborhoods.

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