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Exploring Impact Windows and Doors for Sunrise, FL Homes

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Sunrise, FL homeowners protect their homes with impact windows and doors. The security that these upgrades offer ensures that you can return to a blissful routine of shopping, sports, delicious restaurants, and sunny outdoor activities after every stormy season.

Discovering the Charm of Sunrise, FL

Sunrise, Florida is a charming city in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale metropolitan sprawl. Originally a golf village in the 1960s, it quickly grew into the bustling and beautiful residential hotspot that it is today. The shining glory of Sunrise is the Amerant Bank Arena, the second-largest in the nation and home to the Florida Panthers hockey team.

In addition, the average home value in Sunrise, FL, is around $360,000, making homes valuable yet affordable for local families to settle down and enjoy the rich tapestry of shopping, culture, and top-rated schools. When life is as good as it can be in Sunrise, FL, it’s only natural to protect your happiness – especially when seasonal hurricanes pose a yearly risk.

Is It Time to Replace Your Windows and Doors?

Sunrise, FL, has existed for over half a century. So it’s no surprise if a few homes are due for window and door replacements. This is the perfect opportunity to install insulated and sturdy impact windows and doors for their many benefits to your home.

But how do you know that it’s time to replace your windows and doors? There are a few distinct signs that any homeowner might notice.

  • Windows
    • Windows rattle or whistle in the wind
    • Window frames are warped or don’t fit tightly
    • Window frames are water-damaged or rotted
    • There is fog between the double-paned window glass
    • Temperature changes or drafts near the windows
  • Doors
    • Seeing light around solid doors
    • The doors are warped and don’t fit right in the frame
    • Doors that whistle in the wind
    • Doors do not latch securely
    • Damaged or worn-out doors

If you have noticed these signs, then replacing windows, doors, or both, with impact glass upgrades may be the perfect way to improve your home’s quality and safety at the same time.

Stay Safe from Hurricanes in Sunrise, FL

Impact windows and doors for your Sunrise, FL home offer one important advantage above all others: They will keep your home safe from hurricane storms. Impact windows and doors are rated to withstand category 5 hurricanes, the biggest that blow across the Florida peninsula and through Sunrise every year. This includes high-speed winds, driving rain, as well as flying debris.

When something heavy hits an impact window, you can watch it bounce safely off the glass.
Impact windows and doors also tightly seal into the pre-built frames, offering superior insulation and the capability to repel moisture even in the wettest weather. Built with vinyl or aluminum frames, you can ensure your windows and doors are safe from water damage and humidity. This will protect your home for many years to come.

Energy-Efficient and Secure

Impact windows and doors also offer two more important benefits to your Sunrise, FL home. First, they are energy-efficient. The heavy-impact glass includes a laminate layer that makes it more durable and insulating. Sealed high-quality impact glass also prevents temperature from passing through your windows or doors. This way, your AC is more effective in the summer and even the mild Florida winter chill stays outdoors.

Additionally, impact glass contributes to your home security. If a flying lawn chair or tree branch can’t get through, neither can most intruders who might try a window as their route in. 

Upgrade Your Sunrise, FL Home With Impact Windows and Doors

Whether you’re planning a stylistic home renovation or replacing old rattling windows, upgrading to impact windows and doors is a smart decision for any Sunrise, FL home. At A-Christian Glass, you will find impact windows and doors of every size, shape, as well as architectural style. We will help you match and improve your home’s exterior appearance while boosting safety and energy efficiency. Contact us to consult on your Sunrise home renovation plans!

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