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Hurricane Window Installation in Parkland

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Hurricane windows have become essential in Parkland, where you enjoy a cozy lifestyle of endless tree-lined suburbs. Parkland has beautiful homes, good schools, and delicious restaurants while only being a short drive to the glamorous metropolitan cities of South Florida.

Each neighborhood, from stately Heron Bay to the Pinetree Estates, boasts modern homes and welcoming neighbors. With average home prices topping one million dollars, it’s no surprise that Parkland homeowners want to protect their investments while also protecting their families. When the next hurricane blows across Florida, being on the inland side of Boca Raton hardly spares your home from the intense winds, heavy rains, and flying debris. When it comes to ensuring the safety and protection of your family in Parkland, hurricane impact-resistant windows and doors installed by A-Christian Glass are the obvious choice.

What are Hurricane Windows?

What makes a window more resistant to hurricane forces? Traditional windows are made from a pane of floated glass sealed into a wooden, aluminum, or vinyl frame. The glass is sturdy enough, but it can break with excessive force. This includes high-speed winds, flying tree branches, and airborne patio furniture.

Hurricane windows are designed to protect your home from rain, gale-force winds, and impacts, which are conditions typical of a Florida hurricane. Hurricane glass is created by layering dense glass with sheets of invisible laminate film. The glass is more resistant to breaking, and the film prevents windows from shattering, even if they are hit with extreme force. In addition, hurricane windows and doors are tightly sealed into moisture-resistant frames, which protect your home from leaks when the rain is pouring and can even resist flood-height waters.

Why Install Hurricane Windows for a Parkland, FL Home

Your Parkland home is a valuable investment, one that your family should will enjoy for many years. Of course, peaceful life in a Floridian oasis also means withstanding many years of tropical storms and the occasional history-making hurricane. Homeowners often go through preparation steps to ensure their homes are safe and secure in the face of tropical storms. With hurricane windows installed, you can rest knowing that your home will stand firm during the next storm.

Impact Windows installed in Parkland, Florida Home

Hurricane Window & Door Installations in Parkland, FL

If you are making home improvements and want to increase the durability of your picturesque Parkland home, A-Christian Glass is here to help. We provide the highest quality hurricane windows and glass doors to ensure your home is safe from storms that frequently blow through our region.

A-Christian Glass is dedicated to keeping Florida homes and families safe with expert installation services and an efficient, friendly approach to window installations. Our team of experts will help you choose the right size and style of window to protect and enhance your home.

Upgrade to Hurricane Windows with A-Christian Glass

Are you ready to upgrade your Parkland home with hurricane windows and glass doors? You can explore different window sizes and styles, upgrading your home’s safety while improving your curb appeal. Call A-Christian Glass at (561) 278-3385 for a free estimate on the best windows for your Parkland home. We will gladly take care of your hurricane window installation so your family stays safe during the next tropical storm.

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