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The Importance of Impact Windows and Doors in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida

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Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, is a dedicated residential community of beautifully designed condos, apartments, and suburban communities. Each neighborhood represents a different design, from condo blocks that wrap around private parks to winding tree-lined neighborhoods of single-family homes. Life in Lauderdale Lakes is all about the residential experience. Many enjoy the shared parks and beautiful weather while nurturing a family-friendly lifestyle for every resident. Impact Windows and Doors in Lauderdale are essential features that ensure safety and security for residents. They also provide peace of mind during storms and hurricanes.

Many flock to Lauderdale Lakes for beautiful yet affordable homes, with an average home value between $ 200K and $ 300K. So every family can find their starting point and settle down for cozy stability. However, an important part of that stability is weathering the seasonal storms. Impact windows and doors play an important role in keeping the families of Lauderdale Lakes, FL, safe when high-speed winds, driving rain, and flying debris blow into town.

The Importance of Impact Windows and Doors for Family Homes

Lauderdale Lakes is home to many families. Whether you are newlyweds, parents, or a multi-generational household, your home must remain intact to keep everyone safe during the hurricane season. 

As everyone knows, windows are often the weakest point in a home’s design when broken tree branches and patio furniture fly through the air. Impact windows keep your family and your home safe by ensuring that the glass will not break. This ensures the windy rain stays outside your house while your family is safe and cozy on the inside.

Even if you evacuate to take your family away from the storm, you can return home knowing your windows and home will still be intact when you return.

How Does it Work

Impact windows and doors incorporate impact glass, comprising dense sheets of glass and sheets of invisible laminate that hold the glass layers together, rendering them stronger. This is why most impact windows and doors have ratings for up to Category 5 hurricanes, along with the winds and debris accompanying them.

This ensures that even the biggest storms that the Atlantic Ocean can throw at Florida’s east coast communities will bounce right off your strong new impact glass home features.

Energy Efficient and Safe with Impact Windows and Doors

Of course, impact glass isn’t just good in a storm. Impact windows and doors can improve your Lauderdale Lakes home in other ways, as well. Impact glass is energy-efficient because the laminate layers make the glass a good insulator. So it will help keep your home more comfortable and contribute to a lower power bill during the heat of summer when your AC works its hardest.

Impact glass even boosts your home security because the impact resistance will also keep intruders out just as effectively as it keeps out storms and heavy debris.

Installing Impact Windows and Doors in Your Homes

Upgrading your Lauderdale Lakes home with impact windows and doors is easier than you might think. Each window or door installation takes an hour or less when performed by skilled and efficient window experts like our teams at A-Christian Glass.

Window and door replacements are usually finished in a day, or for bigger projects, within a few days, ensuring your home feels snug every night. The process is non-disruptive, so you can carry on with your family activities while workers focus on each window or door.

Protecting Your Lauderdale Lakes Home

If you are looking for home improvement ideas to protect your Lauderdale Lakes home from hurricane damage and improve home security, impact windows and doors are the ideal solution. Find top-of-the-line selections in every architectural style and expert installation services with A-Christian Glass. Contact us today for your initial consultation.

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