Glass Railings, Stairs, and Mirrors

Glass Railings and Staircases Add a Sense of Sophistication to Your Home

In today’s world, glass railings and stairs are becoming increasingly popular among home and business owners. They have attracted the attention of those who want to give their home a basic but elegant architectural touch by offering a variety of materials to pick from.

If you’re a property owner considering a makeover, you might be concerned about the safety of glass railings and whether they can withstand the wear and strain that comes with daily use. However, you will be astonished to hear that glass railings and stairs are not only beautiful to look at, they are also highly solid and long-lasting.

The Benefits of Glass Railings and Staircases

There is nothing quite like a glass staircase to create a statement in any space of your home or company. With their natural shine and refraction, glass stairways are a remarkable architectural element that instantly improves the look and feel of any area.

With so many alternatives, it might be tough to select just one.

Continue reading below for some of the most compelling reasons for glass railings and staircases installation that you should be aware of.

The Long-Run Benefits of Glass Railings and Staircases

Enhances Property Value

Curb appeal, safety, and interior design may all have a significant impact on your property's total selling potential. Because this modern addition is guaranteed to appeal to today's home buyers, installing a new glass railing or staircase might actually save you money in the long run.

Improved Safety & Durability

These installations are meant to last a lifetime by utilizing sturdy and dependable tempered glass. Glass railings and stairs are particularly safe for home use due to their inability to shatter or crack.

Wind Protection

Exterior glass railings are made of a series of glass panels that perform a fantastic job of blocking out the wind. This makes them a fantastic alternative for enhancing the comfort of balconies and patios during the cooler months.


There are several customisable options available for homeowners, ranging from framed or frameless to frosted or tinted. Take your time while searching for glass railings or staircases to evaluate what will work best for your home, your style, and your budget.

Unobstructed View

Glass staircases and railings with minimum hardware provide a magnificent, open, and unrestricted view of the outside world. This translucent architectural element, when used indoors, makes the room look bigger, brighter, and more visually pleasing.

Rust-Proof Material

The clamps and cable posts on glass railings made of high-quality stainless steel will never rust or corrode, making them long-lasting and dependable.

Environmentally Friendly

Glass is a green alternative for railing building since it is recyclable and chemically inert. While oxidation can cause toxic compounds to be released from iron and other metals, glass is completely safe for long-term usage in your house or office.

Versatile and Cost-Effective

Glass railings are highly customisable, allowing you to match them to your existing house design. You may have them made in any style you like, whether your home is modern or classic.

To get the desired look and seclusion, select from a variety of glass shapes, sizes, transparency, and colours. For increased privacy, consider blurring or coating the glass.

Modern Architectural Design

Adding glass components to your house is one of the most recent architectural trends. Glass railings may give your property a modern look with their elegant simplicity and chic minimalism.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Glass railings and staircases are simple to install and do not require any preparation. The entire procedure may be done with quality and speed with the help of a skilled glass installation crew.

Different Railing Systems That Suits Your Needs

Interior Railings

Standoff Systems

Standoff Railings are a small design with little interference that we offer to our clients with glass thickness ranging from 1/2′′ to 27/32′′.

Interior Base Shoe Systems

Interior Base shoes with glass ranging from 1/2″ thickness to 3/4″ are installed with TAPER-LOC systems which supports all mounting methods with one compact installation / removal tool which eliminates the use of messy cement.

Interior Post Railing Systems

This option is designed and engineered to meet or exceed building codes. This application consists of glass ranging from 1/4″ to 3/4″ thick panels.

Stainless Steel Cable Post System

This design is custom fabricated to your specifications. It is available in 1″ – 1/2″ schedule 40 pipe, 1.90 outside diameter. It comes in polished or brushed stainless steel finish, also mill or powder coated finishes.

Exterior Railings

Exterior Base Shoes

Exterior Base shoes which are similar to our interior base shoe systems consist of glass ranging from 1/2″ thickness to 1 1/16″ are installed with TAPER-LOC systems which supports all mounting methods with one compact installation/removal tool which eliminates the use of messy cement.

Base shoes systems have the option for cap rail and hand rail installation, also with drain blocks to provide drainage for water run-off. This is especially important for balconies or decks where water could dam up unless proper drainage available.

Base shoes are installed with the option of cladding to match the cap rails finishes available in brushed stainless, polished stainless, polished brass, satin brass satin anodized, dark bronze anodized and powder coating to match any other finishes the client desires.

Exterior Frameless Windscreen

This option is great for pool fencing, balcony, and deck applications. This look provides a break from the wind using an almost invisible frameless glass look which is also known as spigots.

There are different option models to choose from, core, side and new surface. All models are available in brushed stainless and some in polished. There is an option for a U-channel cap that can be added to the top of the glass for added support or for visual preference.

Dedicated Glass Railing Department

We have our own Glass Railing Department at A-Christian Glass that specializes in a wide range of alternatives to help you with the inside or outside of your house. For all of your demands, we have elegant and smart systems.

Our railings not only have a sleek and sophisticated appearance, but they also provide excellent wind barriers while maintaining optimal visibility from any point in your home, whether you’re going down your interior stairwell to grab a cup of coffee or sitting on your balcony looking down to your backyard. We can help you with any of your requirements.


A- Christian Glass Is Your Mirror Expert

In addition to offering you the professional, high-quality service you need to protect your home with Hurricane impact windows & doors, as well as, increasing the value of your home with frameless shower doors & glass railings, A-Christian Glass offers the best mirror products currently available on the market.

We aim to help you give your house and space new life by creating depth with our many various designs and sizes of mirrors. Our expert and design-forward staff will assist you in selecting and installing the right mirrors for your house.

Beautify Your South Florida Home with Custom Mirrors

Interior design may transform a house into a home or a business into an efficient working environment. Mirrors, maybe more than any other ornamental object, become the main point of the room in which they are placed.

Ask the expert glaziers at A-Christian Glass to manufacture unique mirrors for your home, business, or workplace while you explore and pick color schemes, furniture, and other household goods. Our crew can cut and frame mirrors that fit any room.

Here’s Why You Need to Add Mirrors to Your Home

Mirrors are functional, but they are also often attractive. Some mirrors have unusual forms, while others are set in elaborate frames. Mirrors’ silvery gleam does not have to be confined to bathrooms; you may utilize mirrors to beautify and embellish your entire home.

Produce the Illusion of Space

Incorporate mirrors into your décor if you live in a tiny flat or have a few small bathrooms. Mirrors make a room appear larger and may also be used to help widen a tight corridor that makes it appear less crowded.

Make a Statement

A mantle or a vivid, wild artwork are common examples of focus points in space. Mirrors, on the other hand, may create an excellent statement in a particular area. You may also add a light behind the mirror to make a more dramatic statement.

Increase a Room’s Appeal

Any mirror may make a place appear more lovely and welcoming. Use a mirror’s reflection to draw attention to a beautiful vase or another eye-catching element.

Maximize a Room’s Lighting

While a mirror’s reflection may easily double the attraction of a space, it can also enhance the brightness of a room. Mirrors may help you improve the lighting in your house or a particular space.

Brings Good Energy to a Room

Mirrors may also be useful in feng shui layouts. Mirrors symbolize water, and they may balance a room or emphasize its purpose.

Additional Security

Mirrors placed throughout your home may provide additional security, allowing you to see around walls and entrances. Hopefully, you will never need mirrors this way, but they can be useful.

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