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We are a family owned and a full service glass company for all your projects; from a glass replacement to major high-rise and commercial storefronts developments.

We are a family owned and a full service glass company for all your projects.


Frequenly Asked Questions

Choosing a good window contractor may be complex, but there are several key factors to look for starting any impact-resistant window installation. If you are a new home-owner or are new to the business of windows, you may not know what to look for when choosing a good window contractor; the following tips will help you make an informed decision. Price and quality of service: Price should be the first consideration to make since you cannot buy what you cannot afford, no matter the quality. But you need to balance between price and quality to make the most out of the deal. Some companies can charge lower prices by cutting corners, such as hiring unskilled labor, casting the quality of the final product in doubt. Service: Choose a company with no qualms offering any service after the installation of your impact-resistant windows. You never know when something may happen to your impact windows, so you will need a window contractor who can respond with speed whenever needed. Appearance and function: Most manufacturers produce aluminum-framed impact-resistant windows. Take a look at the finished product, checking out the quality of the paint job, and the silicon sealing the joints. Take note of the consistency of the window assembly, ensuring it is well-finished and seamless. And do not forget to try out the windows, taking note of how they open and close.
Egress is a way of escape out of a building when an emergency strikes. When designing and installing windows, we also keep in mind the possibility of an emergency that would require you to escape the house through them.
The SHGC refers to the amount of heat finding its way into your house. Lower numbers mean less heat permeating your indoor spaces; while a higher number is a clear indication that your interior spaces get warmer easily. Do you wonder why your home gets warmer or colder when your HVAC systems are off? Well, a certain amount of heat seeps into your interior through your windows and other openings, such as doors. This is where the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) comes into the picture. Impact-resistant windows with clear glass have a SHGC of 0.72, while gray and bronze glass feature a 0.56 and 0.55 SHGC value, respectively. That is not all: you can lower these values further to a possible 0.30 by using a LowE glass, such as the SolarBan 60, LowE 366, or the SolarBan 70XL. These figures mean that impact glass windows are the most effective when it comes to preventing outside heat from seeping into your house.
Apart from the ability to withstand hurricanes, impact-resistant windows have many other benefits including security and energy efficiency.
Impact-resistant windows are much less expensive than their traditional glass counterparts.
A-Christian Glass obtains all necessary permits for every installation that we perform. We will obtain a permit with the local municipality. The contract you sign will include a permit request and a notice of commencement. If it is approved, we post the permit on the job site before the installation. After completion, we notify the council so that they can inspect and approve the job.
We have different types of doors for various applications. To determine the right door for your business, we conduct a quick survey of the important factors. The Type of Business We request the customer to state the type of premises they want to protect, such as restaurant, warehouse, retail store, institutional, or processing plant. The Location of The Door It can be a front or interior door, for a hallway, or storeroom. The Size of The Opening The size of the opening and its height and width helps us determine the dimensions to use for the door. The Type of Traffic That Will Go Through the Door We need to know if it is people or machines such as hand trucks that will be using the door. How Many Times Will the Door Be Used On A Typical Day? The frequency of movement determines the type of door to install as some designs can withstand heavy traffic better than others. Environmental Factors Certain functions such as air conditioning or high humidity areas such as freezers require stronger doors than others. Aesthetic Considerations The door may need to match décor or blend with the colors used for painting different parts of the premises. Special Requirements Such as Certification Does the premises need certification or accreditation by government agencies such as the USDA or OSHA compliance?
HVHZ stands for High Velocity Hurricane Zone. It is a rating used for impact resistant doors that can cope with extreme weather in the geographical area around Miami-Dade and Broward counties. Doors that have HVHZ ratings have passed the most stringent compliance tests for impact resistance. HVHZ rated doors can withstand hits by a test missile.
DP ratings indicate the amount of pressure a particular class of doors can withstand. After a product has been impacted, it is subjected to 9,000 wind cycles. The air pressure inside reduces while the pressure outside increases until the product shatters. For a door to pass the test, it must withstand a test pressure of above 1.5 times its design pressure for 10 seconds without getting damaged. Therefore, products with a high DP rating are more robust than those with a lower rating.
It is acceptable for the track of your sliding door to trap water during windy storms. The track is designed in a way that enables it to trap water then drain it through the “weep holes” at the bottom of the door. Always clean the weep holes, so that stormwater flows out immediately it enters the track.
Impact resistant doors go through various tests to assess their robustness, including missile debris tests. The large-missile debris test: This test requires the door to withstand the impact of being hit by a 9-pound 2×4 piece of lumber traveling at 34mph. The door must pass both negative and positive wind load for at least 9,000 cycles. For the door to pass this test, it should not develop a hole that is larger than “1/16×5″mm in the interlayer section of the glass. Small-missile debris test: This test requires the door to withstand hits by 10 ball bearings moving at a speed of 50mph. The door is then tested for impact by wind loads traveling at 9,000 cycles. Doors that have passed the hurricane impact tests are regarded as impact rated products. Buyers ought to understand that there is a huge difference between HVHZ-rated products and those that have not achieved this rating. HVHZ rating means that the missile does not penetrate the door and the protective system. Doors with this rating do not allow the missile to break the glass behind the protective layer. Impact resistant doors that have non- HVHZ rating allow the missile to penetrate the protective system. However, the crack or hole does not increase with each hit and should have a diameter of less than 3 inches when the test is completed.
Wind load refers to the pressure exerted by the wind on various structures such as windows and doors. These numbers can either be positive or negative. When wind forces act towards a structure, they are positive pressures. Conversely, negative wind pressures act away from a structure. We test our impact-resistance windows for both positive and negative wind pressures, and wind load calculations refer to both of these pressures. Structural engineers use wind load calculations to design specific solutions for different structures. – The unit for wind pressure (P) is pounds per square foot (PSF) – Wind speed is measured in miles per hour (V) – P = 0.00256 x V2 Our team utilizes wind load calculations to ensure all of our windows not only meet but exceed the ability to withstand the potential wind forces from a hurricane.
It all depends on the condition of your current window sills and how your existing windows were originally installed. Most non-impact windows have much smaller aluminum frames. Therefore, it is likely we will have to remove the old window frame to install the new impact-resistant windows, especially if the old windows were installed directly next to the frame. However, in some instances, there is enough space in between to install the new windows without removing the old frame. This is obviously a case-by-case basis, and we will have to formally inspect your windows before we know whether we have to replace the old frame or not.
The main concept behind our impact windows is shatter-resistant glass that is both properly fitted and secured. The same thing that makes them hurricane-resistant also makes them an excellent deterrent for burglars. We install storm windows with two layers of glass with a sturdy membrane in between. If one window pane shatters, the other remains intact due to the protection from the membrane in the middle. On the other hand, it is much easier to break through standard windows, as small fractures usually compromise the entire window. Therefore, our impact-resistant windows make it much more difficult for intruders to break into your home through a broken window.
Our impact-resistant windows with Low-E glass can block 95% – 99% of UVA and UVB radiation without significantly reducing the amount of natural light that enters your home. Having windows that provide UVA and UVB protection helps safeguard interior valuables impacted by light radiation, such as photographs, furniture, floorings, rugs, etc. Preventing light damage in your home is especially important for Florida residents who experience direct sunlight year-round.
Due to their airtight seal and considerably thicker construction, our hurricane impact windows help reduce outside noise, adding much more peace and quiet to your home. Less noise from outside makes it easier to relax, focus, and find tranquility in your home. Minimizing exterior noises is especially important for individuals who leave near highways, busy intersections, or in tightly packed communities with a lot of other homes nearby.
Yes! Our hurricane impact windows are custom fit to provide a perfect seal, which prevents both hot from entering your home and cold air from escaping, thereby reducing your energy costs. Likewise, our two-layer windows provide excellent insulation, which protects your home interior from exterior weather changes and can significantly reduce your monthly utility expenses. The improvement our storm windows will have on the energy efficiency of your home depends on the number of windows you have installed around your home, which is why we recommend investing in hurricane impact windows in every possible location.
To learn whether or not a product is considered impact-resistant, ask your window dealer for a copy of the Notice of Acceptance (NOA) issued by Miami-Dade County. The NOA is the document issued by the County which provides specific information, including dimensions, parts, materials, accessories, and installation guidelines, about the particular product in question. The NOA certifies whether or not the product has passed the impact-resistant test.
In order to obtain the insurance discounts or credits for having impact-resistant windows and doors, all of the house openings must be protected. Homeowners with questions about mitigation should contact their insurance agents to make sure they are receiving proper credit for any steps taken to strengthen their homes.
Yes, absolutely. Garage doors typically account for the largest opening in a building and are a critical component to the structural integrity of the building’s envelope. As a result, the building code is very specific about rating garage doors.
The U-Factor is a measure of how well the window or door keeps heat inside the structure or home.
Yes, hurricane windows and doors are available in a variety of color tints, including gray, bronze, blue and green. Gray, bronze and green colors carry about a 5% premium; blue is typically much more expensive.
Yes, they can! Homeowners insurance is a necessity these days, but in Florida premiums aren’t exactly low. At A-Christian Glass, we know that homeowners are doing everything they can to lower their insurance premiums. So, if you’re looking for an effortless way to lower your premiums considerably, it’s time to check out our hurricane impact resistant windows and doors. Home insurance companies prefer to insure properties with disaster protection. At A-Christian Glass, we know that our hurricane windows and doors are the best solutions for the most effortless disaster protection. We can customize and install the best windows and doors, keeping your home protected with style. With new hurricane windows and doors, you’re keeping your home and family safe 24/7, 365. Home insurance premiums are only increasing these days, but coverage is an absolute necessity in South Florida. With that in mind, everyone is doing what they can to lower the costs. There’s no need to reduce your coverage to get a lower premium. Do hurricane windows and doors lower insurance premiums? They absolutely can. These days, our hurricane windows and doors have the potential to lower your insurance premiums by up to 45 percent. Did you know that your hurricane windows and doors protect against more than just hurricanes? Major storms, thunderstorms, tornadoes, and protection against other inclement weather are built into your new windows and doors. The potential for insurance savings grows even further when you realize that your new windows and doors can also function as theft deterrents, a would-be thief has a hard time breaking through our sturdy reinforced windows and doors.
Impact resistant windows are best for your home in South Florida; although a beautiful place to live, South Florida is also susceptible to hurricanes and intense tropical storms. People no longer use plywood and other materials to protect their homes when a hurricane is approaching. It’s much more practical and far safer to install high-impact hurricane windows. There are many different styles because no home or business is the same. With different sized windows and doors, a window that is best for one home may not be the best for another. At A-Christian Glass, we specialize in designing and installing high-impact hurricane windows for custom-tailored homes or offices. Whether you live in a small home or have a large business, our professionals can help design the perfect windows and doors for your home. When you live in South Florida, protecting your home with sturdy hurricane windows and doors is a necessity. At A-Christian Glass we have many different styles when it comes to choosing impact windows. Slider windows are one popular choice when it comes to windows for your home. These windows are popular because they are very sturdy and can also be opened and closed by rolling them on a frame. This makes them perfect to use for when the weather is nice, giving you the option of opening the windows but also giving you protection and peace of mind if a hurricane hits. For those windows in which you can’t reach or won’t open, it may be practical to get fixed glass windows. These windows can’t be opened, but for certain areas, they are the ideal solution.
Bathroom redesign projects are filled with a lot of questions. Should I move the tub? Should I change the tile? Should I choose frameless glass showers? At A-Christian Glass, we know that frameless glass showers are the best option for bathroom designs. They’re not just gaining popularity They’re becoming the new standard for quality bathroom design. Wondering why frameless glass showers have gotten so popular? There are plenty of reasons! We’ve put together the top 5 features of frameless shower enclosures: 1. When choosing bathroom design options, you need stylish solutions! Nothing brings style quite like frameless glass showers. That’s because this shower style fits in perfectly with any bathroom design, big or small! Frameless showers bring elegance and beauty into any design. Your shower can stand out as the centerpiece of your bathroom design, or it can let other features shine, all depending on your preferences. 2. Did you know our frameless glass shower enclosures are the safest option for your new bathroom? That’s because, at A-Christian Glass, we use the best glass for frameless shower enclosures! We use the best glass thicknesses for the safest enclosures, with either 3/8″ or 1/2″. Our enclosures also feature machine-polished edges for a smooth finish. 3. Easy cleaning. Aren’t you tired of scrubbing your tempered glass shower doors? Aren’t you tired of replacing your shower curtain as it continues staining? Our frameless glass shower enclosures are perfect for easy cleaning. They’re simple to keep in great shape, you can wipe away any imperfections or stains with ease thanks to the smooth surfaces. 4. Timeless looks. The streamlined designs of our frameless glass showers won’t fall out of fashion anytime soon. The simplified elegance of our shower enclosures means they’ll stay stylish for many years to come. This makes them a great investment for your home! 5. Customizable options. Older shower designs left no room for style or customization. But at A-Christian Glass, we know that customization is key. Our frameless shower enclosures can be customized to your perfect style. We can include hinged openings, sliding doors, and unique finishes for the small metal accents.

Experience Matters

Our experienced installation team takes precise measurements so your new windows and doors are a perfect fit. We are meticulous to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your new impact resistant windows and doors.