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Why Do Florida Homes Need Hurricane Resistant Glass

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Living in Florida comes with an abundance of benefits, including but not limited to warm weather, gorgeous beaches, mild winters, a laidback lifestyle, and an economical cost of living. Despite what the state’s namesake (The Sunshine State) might lead you to believe, there are some cloudy parts. Those who have lived in Florida for a significant amount of time are used to the terrible weather; however, the concern level ramps up when hurricane season comes along.

As a resident of Florida, you are aware of how vital it is to take precautions to secure your property in the event of a hurricane. You may have believed in the past that the only choice available to you was to install a protective storm solution, such as hurricane shutters or panels. However, times have changed. There’s a new marvel in the home protection industry: hurricane-resistant glass.

Hurricane Resistant Glass – The Basics

Hurricane-resistant glass is a subset of security glass that, along with the other components, make up the glazing system (whether it be a window or door), is built to withstand the strong winds and high-velocity projectiles caused due to hurricanes.

In the same way that bullet-resistant glass begins with laminated glass, the hurricane-resistant glass may be put in a frame that is likewise engineered to be more robust and endure the effects of the environment.

The purpose of glazing resistant to hurricanes is to help protect the inside of a structure from the strong winds, heavy rain, and flying debris that might result from a storm making landfall. If a window or door is broken during a storm, wind and rain will be able to enter the structure, resulting in damage to the property or building.

The Miami-Dade County Hurricane Code (Florida Building Code) is often used as a standard against which hurricane-resistant glass is tested. This code is widely regarded within the construction industry as being among the most demanding in the United States.

Reasons to Install Hurricane Resistant Glass

While hurricane-resistant glass is a prevalent feature in many residential and commercial buildings in the state, is hurricane-resistant glass required by law in Florida? Well, the answer is a tricky one.

Windows and doors that can withstand high impact or hurricane force are not needed everywhere in Florida. Nevertheless, they are necessary for the southeast coast, primarily near Congress Avenue in Delray Beach. However, certain counties are stricter than others.

Here are some reasons to install hurricane-resistant glass.

  • They increase the resale value of the property.
  • They help with noise reduction and cancellation.
  • They reduce the chance of storm damage and theft.
  • They come with a homeowner’s insurance discount.
  • Impact windows can offer significant energy savings.
  • The manufacturers are constantly making improvements.
  • More aesthetically pleasing and convenient than panels or shutters.

The Final Cut

Hurricane season is a treacherous time of year, particularly for properties located in coastal regions like Florida. Still, fortunately, some measures can be taken to safeguard them, such as installing hurricane-resistant windows and sliding glass doors. Now that you’ve gathered all the information, it’s time to hire an experienced installer like A-Christian Glass. We’ve been in business since 1988 (that’s 37 years), aiming to make Florida—a hurricane-safe state.

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