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Why You Should Get Impact-Resistant Windows For Your Home

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It’s never a bad time to make improvements on your home’s design and structural integrity. Learn why impact-resistant windows are the way to go.

In 2020 the global windows and doors market reached a value of $153 billion.

But not all windows are the same, and some come with a lot more benefits than others. Impact-resistant windows are a more durable, safe option for your home and a great choice if you live in South Florida.

Keep reading to find out why.

Storm Protection

A strong storm can cause massive amounts of damage. Anyone who lives in an area prone to hurricanes knows this all too well, but even a thunderstorm can have winds reaching 50mph.

A regular window can struggle to stand up to such conditions, but our impact-resistant windows won’t even break a sweat.

South Florida is a hot spot for hurricanes, so having windows that offer protection all year round is invaluable. This isn’t just to protect from wind, but also any debris, which is very common when winds are strong enough.

In the unlikely event that an impact window does break, it will still be safer than a traditional window as they are designed to be a spiderweb. Normal windows can break into large shards, which, in very windy conditions, could end up flying across the room.

Block Out Noise

One advantage that people often don’t think about is noise insulation. Impact windows use materials that help block out any outside noise a lot more than standard windows. This is especially useful in South Florida, where there can be a lot of noise.

When carrying out home renovations, this isn’t always a priority, so having it as another advantage of your new windows is a nice bonus.

Heat Insulation

As well as providing good noise insulation, our impact windows also give excellent heat insulation. The materials are heavier and thicker than most windows, which helps keep heat from getting out.

A comfortable environment is crucial to all homeowners, and in Florida, the heat can reach extreme levels. Air conditioning bills aren’t something anyone likes, so reducing them as much as possible is always good.

On top of this impact, windows can filter out up to 99% of UV rays, which is perfect for any room with a TV or computer monitor. This will also help prevent fading of surfaces or furniture that sits in direct sunlight.


If someone wants to break into your home, windows are often the first point of entry. Standard windows can be shattered with very little force, making it easy for criminals to break in.

Our windows won’t make things so easy. They are specifically designed to withstand strong impacts, so any would-be burglars would have a very hard time getting in.

Why Choose A-Christian Glass?

We offer several options when it comes to windows, so you can pick a style that suits you.

It’s always easier to have a renovation job handled by a single company. A-Christian glass will both manufacture and install your new windows.

One of our major focuses is safety. Our technicians will make sure all of your new windows are securely fitted to avoid any issues.

After your windows are installed, our team will carry out a post-installation inspection for free and take care of cleaning any mess that was made.

Get Your Impact-Resistant Windows Now

Installing impact-resistant windows is a great way to improve your home in a number of ways.

The team at A-Christian Glass is always happy to help, so click here to get in contact today.

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