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Impact Resistant Windows – An Affordable Solution to Hurricane Damage

Impact Windows
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Beaches, sunlight, and lovely weather throughout the year—Florida has it all. However, along with that, the people of the southern state also welcome tropical storms and hurricanes.
Did you know that since 1851, 292 hurricanes have impacted the United States, with 120 of them making landfall in the Sunshine State? Yes, during its history, Florida has experienced twice as many hurricanes compared to the next most hurricane-prone state — Texas.

How to Prevent Window Blow-Out During a Hurricane

No matter wherever you live, hurricanes can pack a devastating punch to your home, office, condo, or surroundings. In addition to boarding up windows and piling up sandbags, upgrading your windows to withstand wind gusts of up to 200 mph can provide you with even more peace of mind. Big claim? Sure it is, but even the Florida Building Code (FBC) demands that if the building structure is within one mile of the shore and the wind speed is more than 110 miles per hour, all windows and doors must be covered with impact-resistant glass.

Benefits of Investing in Impact-Resistant Windows

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), during a hurricane, windows and doors are the most common causes of damage to a home, so it is crucial to keep them protected. Even though hurricane shutters can be less costly, there are several advantages to investing in impact windows rather than traditional outside protection over your glass. But what makes hurricane impact-resistant windows better than their counterparts? Let’s have a look.

  • Impact windows provide a peace of mind that comes from knowing that window or door glass will not shatter or break during natural disasters like hurricanes.
  • It protects you from the dangers of a home intrusion, reducing the likelihood that burglars can break your doors or window glass to gain unwanted entry into your home.
  • These impact-resistant windows come with increased insulation and protection from harmful elements, resulting in lower energy bills right after installation.
  • Impact windows help maintain appropriate interior temperatures and keep dangerous UV rays out of your house, protecting your valuable carpets from UV-related damage.
  • Properly installed window and door glass are proven to deliver the highest level of protection to your home’s valuable interior without compromising on aesthetics.

Undoubtedly, impact-resistant glass has extensive advantages over storm shutters or traditional glass coverings. On top of that, the benefits of impact windows and doors for your home significantly surpass the expense of installing them. Over several years you will recoup the cost and have money to spare. Don’t believe us? Try it yourself!

Join Hands with A-Christian Glass

If you’re interested in learning more about the aesthetics and security of impact windows, A-Christian Glass has a selection of the most outstanding kinds of glass available. Are you wondering how much it would cost to replace your windows or doors with hurricane impact-resistant glass? Schedule an in-person assessment and get a quote.

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