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Do Impact Windows Block Heat?

Impact Windows
Impact Windows Block Heat in Boca Raton Home

In South East Florida, your choice of impact windows is important. When building a new home or replacing windows, you need panes that can resist hurricane-force winds. But you’re probably also thinking about energy efficiency. Summers in Florida are hot and sunny, which means hot summer sun pouring through your windows as it travels across the sky.   

If you’re looking to lower your power bill and stay comfortably cool, you need windows that can beat the heat. You’re already considering impact windows to prepare for the next storm, but can impact windows block heat? Fortunately, the answer is yes. And we can tell you exactly why.

Why Impact Windows are Great Insulators

Impact windows may not look like it, but they’re at least double-paned glass with the option of triple-paned impact insulated glass. And everyone knows that double-paned glass is the best type of insulating window to keep out hot or cold weather.

The US Department of Energy reports that about 30% of a home’s AC energy can be lost through the windows. This is because glass is a great conductor of heat – which is why we use glass for baking dishes. It’s great for looking through, but not for keeping the heat out. Double-pane windows are good insulators because they have a sealed layer of air that resists temperature change in between.

Impact windows may look like one pane, but they are really two layers of glass sealed together with a layer of insulating plastic in the middle. This plastic not only keeps them from shattering in a hurricane or when hit with lawn furniture, but it also helps to stop the transition of heat from the outer pane to the inner pane.

Built In Ultraviolet Protection

Because impact windows are already made of layers, it’s also easy for manufacturers to add a UV-resistant coating to the glass or a UV-resistant film to the clear plastic layer in the center. This helps your impact windows not just resist heat transfer, but actually reflect hot sunshine back outdoors instead of letting it transmit heat into your house.

With an ever-increasing concern for the damaging effects of UV light on your health, it’s crucial to invest in products that prioritize your well-being. By reducing the amount of UV light in your home, you are reducing potential damage to both your skin and your eyesight. Our windows are specifically designed with a built-in filter that blocks harmful UV radiation, creating a safe environment for you and your family. Don’t compromise on your health and comfort – choose UV windows from A-Christian Glass for the ultimate protection and peace of mind.

Energy-Efficient Building Materials in Impact Windows

Choosing the right impact windows that meet Energy Star standards can allow you to claim energy-efficiency incentives when building or upgrading your home. Each time you make a significant energy-efficient home upgrade, you may receive a rebate or file for a federal income tax credit to get some of your investment back.

Are you tired of high utility bills and constantly having to service your air conditioning unit? With today’s increased focus on saving money, insulated impact resistant windows from A-Christian Glass can significantly reduce your monthly utility bill and increase the longevity of your AC unit. By implementing our technologically advanced windows you can enjoy a comfortable indoor environment, save money on your monthly electric bill, and reduce the need for frequent maintenance on your HVAC system.

Beat the Heat: Summertime Energy Efficiency with Impact Windows

If you are looking for the perfect windows that will protect your home from hurricane damage and from the hot summer sun, our impact windows are your ideal choice. Explore the many different laminate and laminated insulated glass combinations available with A-Christian Glass to discover the right window design for your South East Florida Home.

We look forward to making your home more secure, more valuable, storm-safe, and energy-efficient. Contact us today to learn more about impact windows or visit us online.

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