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Deciding on Impact Windows and Doors

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Pompano Beach is the Heart of Florida’s Gold Coast. It is an undeniable paradise, the perfect nexus between luxurious beachside life and affordable neighborhood homes. Its scenic bike paths and free electric shuttles define the city. These make it one of the most beautifully eco-friendly communities on the Atlantic. Every resident has easy access to the gorgeous white sand beaches and countless local green space parks. You can discover Florida’s rich ecology at the Fern Forest Nature Center or chase an adrenaline wave enjoying thrilling water sports with your friends. Home values are on the rise, reaching a median price of $400,000 by 2024. It is a hotspot for people moving to Florida from out of state. Whether you are a long-time resident or just arrived, living this close to the Atlantic Ocean is a blessing and a precaution. Naturally, you want to protect your beautiful home and lifestyle. Getting Pompano Beach impact windows and doors can make a big difference in helping you achieve this goal.

Pompano Beach Impact Windows and Doors: What Are They?

Pompano Beach impact windows can withstand the dangers of home invasions and flying debris in a storm. They are durable and flexible, as the layered construction allows them to resist heavy impacts and avoid shattering.

The value of impact windows is important for home security and during the next seasonal hurricane for the homes in this area. Impact windows will keep your home safe if anything should hit your windows. Whether that impact is an accident or intentional, from a storm or human activity. They are even quite insulating as a side-effect of the impact-resistant design.

What Are Impact Doors and Why They Matter

Glass impact doors are made with impact glass, much like impact windows.

Solid impact doors have strong materials like steel or microfiber with ultra-dense cores. The dense cores make breaking the door’s body impossible, while the sheathing makes them difficult to dent or warp.

Impact doors have hardware like security plates that protect the bolts and prevent the use of prybars/crowbars against your doorframe. Impact doors are also designed to withstand heavy hits from intentional blows or large debris blown around in seasonal hurricane storms.

Benefits of Impact Windows and Doors

There are many advantages for homes that have Pompano Beach impact windows and doors. Each advantage contributes to protection and maintenance. This is a valuable investment whether your home is a beachside mansion, an elegant townhouse, or a glittering high-rise condo.

Hurricane and Storm Safety

Facing the gorgeous Atlantic coast, these homes are subject to the strongest winds and rains of each hurricane that passes over the states. This means the ability to “batten down the hatches” is essential. Installing Pompano Beach impact windows and doors stay strong even when hit with flying debris and driving rain of the strongest hurricane storms.

Home Security

Homeowners in regions often teeming with tourists must also think of security. Even in the safest neighborhoods, mischief can occur from time to time. Pompano Beach impact windows can stop intruders because the glass does not shatter. That classic trick of smashing a window to open a door simply will not work if your windows are made of impact glass. Impact doors are resistant to being kicked and are designed to prevent prybar entries.

You can keep your home, possessions, and family safe with Pompano Beach impact windows and doors installed. Incidentally, you will also be safe from stray baseballs and frisbees for those who live close to the many beaches and parks.

Energy Efficiency

Lastly, the particular design of impact windows and doors provides excellent energy efficiency. Impact glass does not convey temperature the way normal glass does and impact doors have thick insulating cores. This provides far greater temperature control. You can easily keep your home comfortably cool in the hot Florida summer without your AC working too hard because the windows and doors will trap the cool inside and keep the heat outside, even with the curtains open.

What Makes Impact Windows Special?

Impact windows have layers of dense glass and invisible polymer laminate sheets. The polymer is both plastic and adhesive. It makes the glass more resilient, more likely to flex – just a little – instead of breaking, and makes your windows shatter-proof. Even if the glass cracks from a severe impact, the laminate will hold the pieces in place until the window can safely be replaced – preventing intrusion, protecting from the weather, and avoiding dangerous glass shards inside your house.

Pompano Beach Impact Windows and Doors for Your Home

If you are considering an upgrade for your home in Florida, A-Christian Glass can connect you with top-of-the-line impact window and door selections from a diverse range of styles. Contact us today to consult on your window upgrade plans for an excellent selection of expert Pompano Beach window and door installation services.

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