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Why Impact Windows are Hard to Break Into

Impact Windows

Impact Windows are Hard to Break Into

Impact Windows are Hard to Break Into

If your home is located anywhere near the Atlantic Ocean you know that sturdy windows are a necessity. Storm windows and impact-resistant windows are designed to withstand gale-force winds and even hold fast when tree branches and patio furniture go flying. But most people don’t realize that impact windows are also a valuable security addition to your home because they are hard to break into. If hurricane winds can’t break your windows with a lawn chair, neither can a burglar or home invader.

If you are considering security home upgrades or planning ahead for future storms, impact windows are an ideal choice. Let’s take a deeper look at what makes impact windows so strong and why they can resist both hurricanes and break-ins.

Why Impact Windows are So Hard to Break

These windows aren’t just made of glass. They are actually made with multiple layers of glass and thin plastic membranes in between. The glass itself is heat-treated and more dense than normal glass, which makes it resistant to cracking and hard to break into. But what really adds to the strength of impact windows is the membrane layers, which give your windows flexibility and ensure they remain intact even if a force is strong enough to crack the glass.

Layer-designed impact windows are extremely hard to crack. But even if your windows are hit with a branch, chair, or brick, it is likely that a storm or an intruder still won’t be able to get inside because the membrane layers hold even broken glass together in a strong window structure.

Impact Windows Also Protect from Burglars

These windows are designed to withstand legendary storms including hurricanes that throw around serious glass-breaking debris. It is this same characteristic that also makes them more durable in case a person should try to break your glass and burglarize your home. Whether it’s burglars, home invaders, or mischievous local teenagers, impact windows are hard to break.

You cannot just pick up a brick and smash a window to open the door, like they do in movies because the glass won’t break. Burglars can’t toss a lawn chair through your window because impact-resistant glass is specifically designed to resist objects moving at high speeds and are especially hard to break into. Even crowbars and baseball bats merely bounce off these reinforced window panes.

There are many advantages to storm windows and the primary one is that the impact-resistant glass will keep unwanted forces on the outside. This keeps your home and family safe from both human and weather-related threats at all times.

Even Playing is Safer with Impact Windows

In fact, many parents have found that impact-resistant windows are also helpful when you have a highly energetic family. Teenagers rough-housing, window-leaping dogs, and accidental falls toward the window likely will result in a soft bump and nothing more. Thrown toys inside or playing ball outside are safer because your windows are designed to deflect a few small projectiles typically thrown around during a storm.

Impact-resistant glass provides resistance to cracking or shattering, so everyone is safe even if a family member or their toys run into the window with force.

Impact Windows Keep Your Home and Family Safe

Keep your home safe from storms, your belongings safe from robbers, and your family safe from accidents with one smart choice. Impact windows are a great addition to any home because they are hard to break into. Not only are they ideal if you live in a region prone to storms, but they are also very effective at protecting your home from intruders who might try to break the glass to get in.

Learn more about impact windows and find the right window replacements for your home with A-Christian Glass. Contact us today to get started.

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