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Get the Best Boca Raton Impact Windows from A-Christian Glass!

High impact windows installation services

Boca Raton is a fantastic place to live, especially with its beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife. However, the unpredictable and frequently extreme weather of South Florida necessitates the installation of high-quality windows. At A Christian Glass Windows & Doors, we provide superior energy-efficient products that can withstand the harsh elements of extreme weather conditions.

Storm windows or impact windows and doors installed in Boca Raton are critical for home security. They contribute to the security and energy efficiency of your home, as well as noise reduction. When a Christian Glass expert installs replacement windows in your South Florida home, you can rest assured that they are shatter-resistant and engineered with laminated glass.

Install the Best Impact Windows for Your Boca Raton Home

Single/Double Hung impact windows

Single and double-hung impact windows are currently the most popular options on the market. A double-hung has two slashes, while a single-hung window style has one. These replacement windows are the most design-friendly and versatile options, and they come in various colors, allowing you to match the desired aesthetic of your home. They are basic, elegant, and easy to add to any design, and they constitute most window installations.

Hurricane-Proof Impact Windows

Casement impact windows

Casement impact windows open on hinges and can be moved horizontally or vertically. They are ideal for homes because they can partially or completely open the window. The breeze enters your Florida home through the window while blocking lawn clippings and debris. When you fully open the window, you will get the most ventilation.

Casement window installations have strong appearances and solid aluminum frames that are suitable for security. They use impact glass, which adds an extra layer of protection and performs well in extreme weather and heat. Casement window installations are extremely design-friendly and can be customized, mixed, and matched to your preferences. They include:

  • Elegant fold-in handles
  • Low-E coated energy-efficient glass
  • Easy cleaning abilities
  • Multi-point, single lever locking handles

Picture Impact Windows

Picture windows are fixed-position pieces of stationary glass that cannot slide, close, or open. Picture windows are so named because they provide a beautiful view while also maximizing light in your Florida home. The majority of them are custom shaped and fitted to specific project perimeters, allowing you to create a sense of personalization and style. They save energy in the long run because they don’t open or close.

Sliding Impact Windows

Sliding impact windows are similar to double-hung impact windows, except they are turned on their side. They are made up of two windows, one of which slides horizontally and the other of which is fixed. Because they require no interior space to close or open, these vinyl windows are ideal for homes with low ceilings. Using sliding glass doors and impact windows in your South Florida home provides the aesthetic appeal of a perfect slider while eliminating the worry of a window shattering. Sliding impact windows include features such as:

  • Easy sliding
  • Minimal air infiltration
  • Easy cleaning
  • Energy efficient glass

Benefits of Installing Impact Windows Boca Raton

Boca Raton Impact Windows are built to withstand extreme weather conditions, such as high winds and flying debris. These new windows are designed to meet local building codes and requirements. Aside from hurricane protection, they also block UV rays, improve energy efficiency, provide noise insulation, and increase home security. Other notable advantages of installing hurricane impact windows include:

  • Enhanced security – impact windows are built with durable glass, vinyl frames, and advanced locking mechanisms to protect your home from intrusions.
  • Superior impact resistance – A Christian Glass is a company that offers categories of windows that can withstand speeds of 135 mph, 165 mph, and 175 mph, respectively. Our windows have passed AAMA Gold Label-certified for structural integrity and ASTM Large Missile impact tests.
  • Home’s energy-efficiency capabilities – You will save money on your heating and cooling bills if you use our window and door installation service. Our glass has low-E coatings, weather stripping, built-in airlocks, and other features that prevent air from escaping or entering your home.
  • Custom styles and colors – The window replacement service that we provide for your home contributes to the overall value and curb appeal of your property. By selecting the type of perfect window that you want to match your existing aesthetics, you can choose styles, custom colors, finishes, and sizes.
  • Noise reduction –The laminate glass used in impact windows helps to reduce outside noise. Those who live in a busy city like Boca Raton understand how annoying outside noises can be. Impact windows insulate your home, creating a more relaxing indoor environment.
Window Installation Services in Boca Raton, FL

Impact Windows Boca Raton for Home Owners

If you live in Boca Raton, A Christian Glass will help protect your home and family from intruders as well as the harsh South Florida weather. We provide a full range of impact doors and windows in South Florida and have over 35 years of installation experience.

Our high-quality products, which bear registered trademarks, are made of the finest materials and can withstand gusts and winds of up to 200 miles per hour. In terms of sophistication, our project provides aesthetically pleasing solutions for your home such as:

  • Hurricane impact windows
  • Hurricane impact doors
  • Frameless shower doors
  • Stairs, glass railings, and mirrors

Are you looking for a reliable impact window installer in Florida?

A Christian Glass Windows & Doors is the most dependable company to call if you need window replacement services in your Boca Raton home. As hurricane door and window experts, we stand behind all of the products we sell and the services we provide to our customers.

For the final installation process of the window and door companies, we only use the finest products, quality craftsmanship, and high standards, and adhere to the strictest building codes found in the state of Florida. You can assure receiving a 5-star customer service.

Call us at (561) 278-3385 for expert advice and a free estimate on your impact window needs.

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