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5 Considerations for Frameless Shower Doors

Frameless Shower Doors
Frameless Shower

Serenity is beckoning when you decide to take a dip into a restorative shower. Making changes to your shower and bathroom can net you huge rewards. 

Remodeling a bathroom can get you a 64% return on investment (ROI) when you take the right steps. Custom-designed shower enclosures are a fundamental piece of bathroom remodels that can improve both equity and life quality. 

These tips will help you when you are interested in purchasing frameless shower doors. 

1. Study Why These Doors Are Special

A sliding glass shower door is great, but frameless shower doors are next level. 

Taking a glimpse at a majestically installed frameless shower door will show you the type of impact that you can expect. They come with several design options that you can enjoy, feature versatile glass materials, and can make your bathroom a treat to experience. 

They go great with master bathrooms and any other bathroom in your house. 

2. Get a Consultation and Measurements

Speak to some bathroom professionals so that they can give you an assessment of the shower work you need. 

Take the time to get your dimensions measured. This assessment will help you whether you’re buying a sliding rectangle shower door, a frameless hinged tub door, or any other sliding configuration. 

The same applies to frameless doors. Frameless shower doors open wide, so you need measurements in advance to make provisions for the space you need. 

3. Work Out the Shower Door Design

After consulting on measurements, start kicking around design options. 

Examples of frameless door styles include master hotel suite, garden shower, rustic, round shower styles. Glass styles include tempered, frosted, rain, and clear glass. 

The professionals can set you up with traditional shower styles, beach varieties, sauna style, and others. 

4. Ask About the Installation Costs

Shower professionals will also give you estimates on the door installation. 

A frameless shower door will most likely cost you $1,000 and up when professionally installed. Speak to three to six different frameless shower door installers to see how much they’ll charge for labor, glass materials, brackets, and other services. 

5. Select the Best Shower Door Installer

After speaking to several different shower door installers, go with your gut and research to choose the most professional and highest quality. Compare reviews between these professionals and ask about the completion time of the installation. 

You have several options in your area, so also go with professionals that have several years of experience. 

Invest in Frameless Shower Doors

Use these five tips when you need help buying new frameless shower doors. Your bathroom will never be the same after you make this investment into your household. 

We’d love to discuss your shower and bathroom needs further. 

A-Christian Glass has the credibility, equipment, and experience to get the work done for you. We are family-owned and operated, with 34 years of experience in the field. Our company pridefully serves the Delray Beach area with their window, door, and railing needs. 

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