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How Strong are Hurricane Impact Windows?

Impact Windows
how strong are hurricane impact windows

The polyvinyl butyryl layer is the middle protective layer of hurricane windows, and it is one of the features that distinguish hurricane windows from standard windows. This PVB layer acts as a high-quality adhesive between the window’s two laminated glasses; it protects the window from debris, including flying debris that attacks the hurricane windows during a storm.

If you’re a homeowner in Florida, you’ve most likely heard about hurricane windows. This article features many claims about how strong hurricane windows are. Whether you have already installed one or are about to and would like to know the strength of hurricane-proof windows, we will discuss how strong these windows are.

What Are Hurricane Impact Windows?

Hurricane windows are specifically produced and treated to withstand violent windstorms. Hurricane-proof is formed by the combination of impact-resistant glasses and extremely strong metals. These hurricane windows stay firm in the window frames during the most intense windstorms.

In addition, these types of windows are designed to withstand wind speeds of about 175 mph, which is identical to the wind speed of a category 5 hurricane, including heavy hail or ice as well as flying debris. The hurricane impact windows are pretty strong, but to actually know how strong they are, continue reading this article.

How Strong are Hurricane Impact Windows?

Getting windows that truly protect the home against hurricanes is critical, and no decision can be made until the strength of the window is known. The following charts show how strong hurricane-impact windows are. Among them are the following:

Hurricane Impact Windows Features Unbreakable Window Frames.

The unbreakable window frames are proof of how strong hurricane-impact windows are. These hurricane windows have a heavy-duty metal frame that is extremely strong and sturdy in order to provide additional protection and strength to these hurricane-resistant windows.

No homeowner wants a window frame that snaps when force is applied to it. You won’t have to worry about debris and water entering between the window frame and your home with these hurricane windows’ window frames.

They Are Resistant To Shattering.

Hurricanes are known to cause long-lasting damage to glass windows and doors due to their combination of flying debris and intense winds, but hurricane-resistant windows are the long-lasting solution to this glass-shattering issue. This is because hurricane-impact windows feature impact-resistant glasses that do not shatter even after experiencing the most violent hurricane.

They are made of two sheets of tempered glass, making them much stronger than the standard window. The impact-resistant laminated glasses are bound together by a thin plastic membrane made from polyvinyl butyral. The strength of this window makes it withstand storms, high winds, flying debris, and hurricane-force winds, thus offering homeowners the perfect hurricane protection window.

hurricane windows

Protection Against Theft and Loot.

Another indicator of a hurricane impact window’s durability is the protection it offers your home against looting and theft. Burglars have been known to break in through windows, but a home with hurricane-impact windows is completely safe. It’s great that these resistant windows are built to withstand hurricane-force winds, but another benefit of how they’re built is that they protect your home from break-ins.

These windows are difficult to break through; it takes a lot of effort and energy, and breaking through them would cause a disturbance, alerting homeowners to the presence of intruders. As a homeowner, you should have peace of mind knowing that your home is safe from storms and hurricanes all year.

PVB Layer Withstand Impact of Flying Debris.

The polyvinyl butyryl layer is the middle protective layer of hurricane windows, and it is one of the features that distinguish the window from standard windows. This PVB layer acts as a high-quality adhesive between the window’s two laminated glasses; it protects the window from debris, including flying debris that attacks the window during a storm.

The worst that can happen to your windows with the PVB layer is a crack; even the most powerful wind-borne debris cannot shatter the windows into harmful glass shards. This layer adds the extra protection you need to protect your home during hurricane season in Florida.

Hurricane Impact Windows Offer Optimal Prevention From Flooding.

Hurricanes can cause heavy rainfall, which can lead to flooding. Floods can cause property damage, costing you money, time, and shelter. Floods, in addition to disrupting the quality of life, can kill and should be avoided at all costs.

Installing impact-resistant windows can help you avoid the devastation caused by floods. Proper installation of hurricane-proof windows not only protects against high winds but also helps keep intruders out of your home.

Protect Your Home Against South Florida Harsh Weather Using The Hurricane Impact Resistant Windows From A-Christian Glass.

Many brands offer hurricane-proof windows that provide no protection, but A-Christian Glass’s hurricane impact-resistant windows are unique, one-of-a-kind, and truly delivered. This is due to the fact that we used the finest materials to create unique hurricane-proof windows that can withstand wind speeds of up to 200 miles per hour, which is faster than the equivalent speed of a category-five hurricane.

It would help if you trusted us because we’ve been providing hurricane-resistant window and door solutions to South Florida homeowners for decades at significantly lower prices than most other major retailers.

Why not save money and time by working with us if you’re ready to protect your home? Please contact us right away for a free estimate and in-home inspection. Don’t let the fear of Florida’s harsh weather take away your enjoyment of being a homeowner; contact A-Christian Glass. We provide service in Boca Raton, FL, for aesthetically pleasing and functional hurricane solutions.

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