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How Do Hurricane Impact Windows Work?

Impact Windows
hurricane impact windows

People who live in areas prone to adverse weather conditions such as hurricanes and tropical storms understand the importance of protecting their homes from harsh weather. Wind speeds of more than 154 mph can rip apart a house and endanger lives in a category 5 hurricane. To minimize such damage, the best defense is a properly built house with appropriately installed hurricane windows and doors.

Hurricane impact windows are intended to be safer and more resistant to severe weather than standard glass. Hurricane glass is installed in place of standard window glass to provide protection from high winds and flying debris. Modern hurricane-impact windows have undergone remarkable advancements and can withstand a surprising level of harsh weather conditions in Boca Raton, FL.

This article will explain how hurricane-impact windows work as well as where and why you might need them.

How Does A Hurricane Window Work?

A laminated pane in a hurricane window, like the glass in a vehicle, is two pieces of glass joined together by a tough and pliant polyvinyl butyral polymer (PVB). If the window glass is smashed or broken by flying debris, the polymer layer remains intact and holds the glass fragment together, providing your home with the necessary rain and wind protection during a storm. Furthermore, the polymer layer ensures that the glass does not shatter into large and dangerous pieces that could endanger anyone in the house.

A strong frame is an important and critical component of a hurricane window for impact resistance. Furthermore, proper installation is critical for optimal performance. As a result, installation holes are pre-drilled in impact glass as they arrive to ensure precise installation and exceptional performance. To comply with local laws, your hurricane glass window from A-Christain Glass does not require any additional storm planning. Before the storm hits, all you have to do is close and lock your window.

Is There a Difference Between Hurricane Windows and Impact Windows?

The terms “Hurricane Windows” and “Impact Windows” are usually used interchangeably; however, they are not the same; in the sense that both differ in the type of protection they offer. Hurricane windows provide a definite measure of wind resistance, while an impact window provides resistance to wind along with impact protection. Reinforced frames are used in the construction of impact windows.

Choosing Between Hurricane Windows and Impact Windows

When deciding between hurricane and impact windows, homeowners are frequently perplexed. The situation to consider when deciding between the two windows is fairly straightforward.

If you already have outdated windows in your home, installing a hurricane or impact window will be a significant upgrade; however, an impact window is the best option.

A typical hurricane window can withstand hurricane-force winds, but it will break if windborne debris strikes it. The glass panes of an impact window, on the other hand, have a strong laminate in between, so if struck, the glass will break but the laminate will remain intact to continue to provide protection.

hurricane windows

The History of Hurricane Windows

Hurricane impact windows were invented in the 1930s when the automobile industry needed a strong and durable material for vehicle windshields. Following Hurricane Andrew’s devastation in South Florida in 1992, this technology was incorporated into building windows. Because of the damage, counties in Florida improved their building codes to require protections such as hurricane-impact windows.

How Are Hurricane Windows Made?

In contrast to a standard window, the construction of a hurricane impact window is more complicated. To ensure that each impact window meets the strength and quality requirements to withstand high hurricane winds and flying objects and to be used as a security feature, preventing break-ins and even resisting bomb blasts, construction standards must be met.

To prevent shattering, each hurricane window has several layers of laminated glass, similar to a vehicle’s windshield. Hurricane windows and doors, unlike standard glass windows, only break into a few fragments when damaged.

How Strong are Hurricane Impact Windows?

By design, hurricane impact windows should resist the effect of a Category 5 hurricane. As a result, these types of windows are very strong and will not crack if you hit them repeatedly with a hammer. Also, hurricane impact windows are designed to withstand harsh coastal conditions, temperatures below zero, and high summer heat.

What are The Benefits of Hurricane Impact Windows?

Hurricane-proof windows offer numerous benefits and will save you money in the long run. Here are some of the advantages of installing hurricane-resistant windows:

  • Noise Reduction: Hurricane impact-resistant windows provide significant noise reduction. Hurricane-proof windows significantly reduce outside noise transmission into your home’s interior. As a result, you will be free of the annoying sounds of lawnmowers, car horns, and barking dogs.
  • Hurricane Protection: The primary reason for building A-Christain Glass impact-resistant windows and doors is hurricane protection. The polymer layer between the glass panes strengthens them significantly more than standard window glass. The combination of hurricane-impact glass and a hurricane window frame provides structural integrity to your window. In the event that the glass shatters, the polymer layer holds it in place. During a storm, hurricane-impact glass does not bend or crack.
  • Solar Protection: The multi-layered design of hurricane windows and doors offers solar protection, thereby keeping house occupants free from the adverse effects of sun rays, which can spoil furniture, fade windows, and harm skin. A-Christain Glass windows provide UV protection.
  • Reduce insurance costs: You can lower your insurance costs by installing hurricane-resistant windows. Many insurance companies offer lower insurance rates if you install hurricane windows in your home.
  • Energy Efficiency: Impact-resistant windows are highly energy efficient due to their multi-layer construction, allowing you to save money on cooling and heating. Because of their compact seals and exceptional energy performance rating, they help to keep warm air in on cool days and cool air in on hot days.
  • Safety and Security: Hurricane-proof windows are strong enough to keep intruders out of your home. A-Christain Glass, in addition to being stronger than standard glass, provides additional security by recessing the window sashes into the frame.
  • Weather Performance: Hurricane impact windows provide excellent weather resistance, and A-Christain Glass hurricane impact resistance windows are beneficial to those who live in hurricane-prone areas and coastal regions because they withstand high winds and water.
  • Increase Your Home’s Value: If your home’s windows and doors are specifically hurricane-resistant windows, they will provide you with security and safety guarantees as well as lower utility bills and insurance costs, increasing the value of your home to interested buyers.

Are Hurricane Impact Resistant Windows Bulletproof?

Hurricane-resistant windows were designed with resistance to wind and flying debris in mind; thus, hurricane-impact windows are not generally bulletproof. If you require bulletproof windows, you must choose those that are specifically designed for that purpose. These types of windows are available from some companies; you can look them up online.

Notwithstanding, to protect your home from intruders, you can do the following:

  • Install Alarms and Motion Detectors: These devices will alert you in case of intruders.
  • Utilize impact-resistant glass: Impact-resistant glass can slow down an intruder and resist break-ins.

How Thick Should Hurricane Impact Windows Be?

The minimum thickness of an impact window should be 7/16 – 9/16 inches to ensure that it can withstand high winds and protect your home. Also, keep in mind that certain areas of your home may necessitate thicker windows.

Keep the following in mind when considering how thick your impact window should be:

  • Thicker windows may cost more: You might need to consider the cost when considering the thickness.
  • A thicker window means better soundproofing: You should opt for windows with a thickness of at least 7/16 inches if you live in a noisy environment.
  • The thicker the window, the better the protection from intruders: You should opt for a window with a thickness of at least 9/16 inches when considering security.
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Are Hurricane Impact Windows Double-pane or Triple-Pane?

The majority of hurricane impact windows are double-paned; however, triple-pane hurricane windows are available. Many homes only require double-paned windows. However, if you live in a hurricane-prone area, triple-pane windows will be beneficial.

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