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Hurricane Windows: The Right Choice for Hypoluxo, FL, Homes

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Hurricane windows - View of swaying palm trees caused by a hurricane from a residential window.

Hypoluxo is a unique little town that spans the intercoastal waterway, including Hypoluxo and the barrier island, Hypoluxo Island. This place is considered one of the best places to live in Palm Beach County. Highlights of this area include nature walks in the Hypoluxo Hammock and the Hypoluxo Scrub Natural Area, as well as honoring the legendary Barefoot Mailman (really, mailmen) who used to deliver mail along the beach in the late 1800s before the first intercoastal road was built. Of course, living so close to the Atlantic coast comes with risks and days in the sun. When hurricane season rolls in, residents of Hypoluxo must defend their homes with every safety preparation available, making hurricane windows a must.

Homes in Hypoluxo are suburban and attractive. Home values in this area continuously go up but remain within a modest price range of between $300K and $500K. This has made the region desirable for young professionals who want to live near the city and enjoy beach access.

Hurricane Windows in the Hypoluxo Suburbs

Every home in Hypoluxo, FL is subject to the dangerously high-speed winds, flying debris, and driving rain that comes with the hurricane season. Hurricanes are notorious in Florida, especially along the East Coast, where hurricanes are the strongest as they reach land. Because Hypoluxo includes its barrier island, the town experiences the harsh weather conditions of the hurricane season. The stately architecture and the vast ocean-facing windows so loved by Floridians are particularly at risk.

This is why hurricane windows, made with special force-resistant glass, are essential to any Hypoluxo home where residents do not want to board or shutter their glass with every storm.

What Makes Hurricane Windows So Effective?

Hurricane windows are not made from ordinary glass. They feature particularly dense and durable panes of glass fused with layers of invisible laminate. This laminate not only makes the glass stronger, it also prevents it from shattering dangerously should anything impact the glass in the middle of a storm.

Hurricane windows and even glass doors made from the same material can withstand the hurricane-force winds, impacts, and driving rain that is common from Florida’s legendary storms.

The Highest Quality Hurricane Window Installation

Of course, great windows are only as valuable as their installation quality. That is why A-Christian Glass provides the highest quality installation to ensure your Hypoluxo home is safe, and insulated, and your windows are built to last.

We begin with the industry’s best hurricane glass pre-sealed into sturdy yet stylish window frames of your choosing. This ensures the glass is perfectly secure and will not rattle in the frame. Our teams will then expertly remove your old windows and sturdily build the new window frames into their place, ensuring strong supports with no gaps for moisture or air to leak. This process will equip your home with beautiful, insulating windows prepared to withstand the most intense hurricanes the Florida coast offers.

The Benefits of Hurricane Windows for Hypoluxo Homeowners

There are many valuable benefits to installing hurricane windows in any Hypoluxo, FL home. 

  • Hurricane Safety. Windows that won’t rattle, leak, or shatter in the many hurricanes to come.
  • Home Security. The impact resistance will also keep your windows safe from accidents and home intruders.
  • Energy Efficient. Laminated glass and a strong window frame seal ensure that your air conditioning stays on the inside. This, in turn, can lead to greater comfort and lower power bills.

Let Christian-A Glass Upgrade Your Home

Are you a homeowner in Hypoluxo ready to upgrade to beautiful hurricane windows? A-Christian Glass is here to make it happen! Contact us to explore our vast selection of window styles and sizes, along with glass doors made with hurricane glass for your patio or sunroom. Give your home an upgrade in both durability and style at the same time.

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