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Impact Glass Installation in Palm Beach County

Palm Beach County is regarded as one of the best places in Florida to live and raise a family. This iconic region is home to exquisite mansions, fabulous resorts, and historic landmarks such as the Flagler Museum. It is lined with stately palm trees and has great year-round weather. There is plenty to do in the area, from the vibrant nightlife of Boca Raton to the history of West Palm Beach and the many beautiful beaches that dot the county.

However, West Palm Beach, FL, like the rest of the state of Florida, is vulnerable to hurricanes that threaten every six months of the year. During hurricane season, Palm Beach County residents must know how to protect their homes and families. That’s where the window installers at A-Christian Glass can help you. They can help you make sure your home is safe.

A-Christian Glass installs impact doors and double-hung windows in Palm Beach County and the surrounding areas to protect your home from hurricanes and deter intruders. Impact windows increase the value of your home or business while also making it more energy efficient. Call us today if you want an affordable impact window installation job on your Palm Beach County property.

Installation of Energy-Efficient Windows in Palm Beach County

Hurricanes, intense sun, salty sea air, and frequent tropical rains are all threats to windows in West Palm Beach and throughout Florida. Our impact windows have strong frames and impact-resistant glass with a low-emissivity coating. Their design can withstand high winds and blows from objects, and it is far less likely to shatter even when hit directly.

Impact windows installed in your West Palm Beach home will protect you from strong winds, flying debris, and other hazards. Impact windows come with the following features:

  • Laminate insulated
  • Heat-reducing tints
  • Hi-performance low-E selections
  • Multi-paneled
  • Triple-coated
  • Impact resistance
  • Enhanced security
  • Energy efficiency capabilities

Why Consider Replacement Windows in West Palm Beach?

As residents are well aware, owning a home in Florida entails some risks. Southeast Florida is more vulnerable to major hurricanes than the rest of the state. The region is in the crosshairs because the majority of the strong winds aimed at the state originate in the Atlantic Basin. If you have not installed impact windows in your home or business in Palm Beach County, you need to consider installing new windows instead of what you currently have.

We are here to help residents of Palm Beach County who want to protect their property from hurricanes. Having us put in impact windows in your West Palm Beach, FL home has several benefits, such as:

window replacement

1. Hurricane Protection for Your Home

When hurricanes hit Florida, they leave a path of destruction in their wake. Whatever the severity of the storm, there is still the risk of wind or debris smashing your windows and allowing elements into your home. Although impact windows shatter, they are designed to protect your home from debris and strong winds and do not completely break. Even if an impact window breaks, the laminate that holds it in place will keep projectiles, wind, and water out of your home.

2. Keeps intruders out of your home

Anyone attempting to gain access to your Palm Beach County home or business will have no chance because impact windows are difficult to break. A high-caliber bullet is the only thing that can harm it; bricks, fists, bats, or stones cannot. Impact windows have multiple layers of glass and other synthetic materials that make shattering or penetration difficult.

3. Increased Property Value Due to Impact of Windows

Impact window installation is one way to significantly increase the value of your Palm Beach County property. Potential buyers will know they are investing in a safe property if impact windows are installed. Impact-resistant windows also lead to lower insurance rates, and insurance companies are more likely to cover homes or businesses with these kinds of windows.

4.  Impact Windows Offer Energy Efficiency

Utility bills in Florida can skyrocket during the summer, and replacing standard windows with tighter-sealed, highly insulated impact windows can help. The majority of impact windows meet local energy code requirements as well as strict energy efficiency standards. In the summer, impact windows keep your Florida home from getting too hot from the sun. In the winter, they keep the heat in.

5.  They Don’t Affect Your Home’s Curb Appeal

When using wood shutters, they must be removed after each hurricane. Impact windows are one-time installations that provide all-year protection for your West Palm Beach home. Impact windows not only keep out noise and protect from UV rays, but they also let you enjoy daylight even during a hurricane.

Expert Window Glass Services in Palm Beach County

Do you want to keep your home and family safe from intruders and the harsh Florida weather? If so, A-Christian is a dependable, locally owned company that installs impact windows and doors for our West Palm Beach customers. We have over 35 years of experience and know how to make your property withstand wind gusts of more than 200 miles per hour.

As hurricane window experts, our installers use high-quality products made from the finest materials to provide an aesthetically pleasing protection solution for your home. We stand behind all of the services and products we sell, the majority of which are manufactured in Florida. Our highly professional staff follows the state’s strictest building codes, and we provide unparalleled guarantees and excellent service. Come see us for:

Affordable Replacement Windows in Palm Beach County

A-Christian Glass has the professional solution you need to protect your home in Florida from hurricanes and intruders. Our impact window installation services will increase the value of your property, make it more energy efficient, and enhance its curb appeal. For more information about our services, including window replacement, call (561) 278-3385 or request a free estimate.

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